Jim Duckham speaks to students

University Police, a division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Services, serves the University and Muncie communities by helping provide a safe living and learning environment.

Members of our department promote social justice and responsibility through education, interaction with members of the community, and, when necessary, enforcement of the law.

Our department strives to become a model agency by adopting best practices and innovative programs. Officers and staff are expected to conduct themselves ethically and responsibly, providing the best possible service, protection, and security to the university and community. 

Police Vehicle


Our uniform patrol division is the backbone of our department. We provide pro-active patrols and rapid response to campus activities. We patrol on foot and in vehicles

Officer Rick Howell with Rokki

K-9 Patrol

Rokki works with handler Officer Rick Howell. Rokki is trained as a narcotics-detection and search dog. We are able to improve our enforcement efforts on campus with Rokki's help. Rokki is tireless and does excellent work in the area of narcotics detection. Officer Howell is available for demonstrations and lectures. For more information call 765-285-3011.

Student Center

Parking Services

Parking Services operates as a part of our department. The office provides permits and enforces parking policies around campus, among other services. Visit Parking Services website