A temporary replacement permit is available if your yearly permit is inaccessible. For example, you forget it at home or otherwise can’t use it for a day or two.

Temporary replacement permits may not be used for more than two consecutive days and are only available twice in one school year.

Lost Permits

If you lose your parking permit, please report it as lost by contacting our office. We will replace it for $25.

If you lose a permit because of a broken windshield or totaled vehicle, we will replace the permit at no charge if you provide proper documentation.

We will accept:

  • a receipt for the windshield replacement
  • a police report
  • documentation from the insurance company indicating that the vehicle is totaled

Stolen Permits

If a parking permit is stolen, we will replace it at no charge.

Please report it as stolen by contacting our office. You will also need to provide a police report.


The University will revoke your parking privileges for one calendar year—and you may face additional disciplinary actions—if you do either of the following:

  • falsely report a parking permit was lost or stolen
  • display a parking permit that has been report lost or stolen

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