The Executive Branch of the Student Government is made up of the Executive Officers, Chief of Staff, and the Executive Cabinet.

Tina Nguyen, President

The President holds chief executive power of the Student Government, and appoints members of the Executive Cabinet and the Chief of Staff. The President also serves as a non-voting member of all Executive Commissions and the Student Senate.

Monet Lindstrand, Vice President

The Vice President of the Student Government serves as the President of the Student Senate. The Vice President also serves on the Student’s Rights, Ethics, and Standards Committee of University Senate.

Jimmy Mitchell, Chief Administrator

The Chief Administrator of the Student Government serves both the Executive Branch and the Student Senate. The Chief Administrator documents each weeks’ minutes, tracks all attendance in SGA, maintains correspondence with all entities from SGA, and leads the selection process for the Student Trustee every other year.

Mamed Ramazanli, Treasurer

The Treasurer of the Student Government oversees and handles over $90,000 a year, used to support student activities, organizations, and accomplishes a list of platform points to benefit the student body.

Executive Cabinet

  • Riley Wert, President Pro-Tempore
  • Joseph Gassensmith, Chief of Staff
  • Brenna Large, Parliamentarian