Applications open Monday, November 16

Please complete the application thoroughly and without error. 


  1. Visit Apply to be a Resident Assistant
  2. Log in with the BSU username and password
  3. Click on “Employment”
  4. Click on 2020-2021 RA Application

Applications are due Friday, January 29, 2021, at noon.

If you have questions, please ask a current Resident Assistant or Hall Director, or contact one of the RA Selection Chairs, Erica Gleason or Cynthia Moberly.

Job Description

To apply for this position, candidates MUST meet the following requirements:

  • Hold at least a 2.50 accumulative grade point average
  • Be enrolled in or have completed the EDHI 200 class with a grade of B or better
  • Be in good academic and judicial standing with the Housing and Residence Life Office and the university
  • Be able to work the entire academic year or as specified by your contract
  • Have completed at least 27 credit hours by the contract start date
  • Minimum of two semesters living in the residence halls, with one of them at Ball State University by the contract start date

Successful candidates are responsible for the following:

  • Facilitate community development through personal interactions, meetings and activities
  • Utilize appropriate personnel and procedures to handle crisis, discipline, and duty situations to consistently enforce Ball State and Housing and Residence Life policies to foster a safe and comfortable community
  • Complete administrative responsibilities including, but not limited to, meetings, bulletin boards, training, and opening and closing hall procedures
  • Encourage student involvement and personal growth through leadership experiences
  • Collaborate with hall staff to complete staff and hall projects
  • Communicate with directors regularly about discipline, activities, and the hall community
  • Support and promote the Housing and Residence Life Mission and Diversity Statements and Department Initiatives
  • Be a positive role model through personal example and demonstrate a commitment and pride for Ball State and Housing and Residence Life through respectful language and behavior
  • Support and respect the dignity of all individuals
  • Uphold and abide by all federal, state, local laws and statutes and Ball State and Housing and Residence Life policies

Additional opportunities include the following:

  • Serve on departmental committees or action teams
  • Plan staff retreats and other staff events
  • Participate as an EDHI 200 Mentor with Residence Hall Director and Assistant Residence Hall Director approval
  • Contribute to in-hall collateral assignments with Residence Hall Director and Assistant Residence Hall Director approval

Compensation package includes the following:

  • Full room and board (with a 21+ meal plan)
  • Stipend of $1,300/10 months (paid bi-weekly)
  • Air conditioning installation fee waived for all buildings except Elliott Hall (sorry, current windows do not allow for air conditioners)

Selection Timeline

This is an information night for everyone who is interested in applying for the Resident Assistant positions. We will discuss the position and how the selection process works. You will also get the chance to meet current students and professional staff members!

Meeting Information

Monday, January 25, 6:30 p.m. on Zoom
Join Zoom Meeting

This event is not required but highly encouraged. If you do attend, bring an open mind and a positive attitude.

Applications open Monday, November 16, 2020

Complete the application, thoroughly and without error.

How to apply

  1. Visit Apply to be a Residence Assistant
  2. Click on “Apply for a Residence Hall”
  3. Log in with the BSU username and password
  4. Click on “Employment”
  5. Click on 2021-2022 RA Application

Applications are due Friday, January 29, 2021, at noon.

What: EDHI 200 is a 1 credit hour course focused on residence hall leadership, and is a required part of the selection process.

Required Text: Available at the Ball State Bookstore

Check the course catalog to see the sections scheduled for the semester, as well as their availability.

When: You can sign up for EDHI when you register for your other spring courses.

Your Responsibility: This is a required part of the process. Make sure you are enrolled in a section of EDHI for Spring or have successfully completed the course. Employment is contingent upon passing EDHI with a B grade or higher.

What: You will be interviewed by staff members from your current residence hall and another building. This is a 30-minute interview. Dress is business casual.

When: Saturday, February 13, 2021

Your Responsibility: You will be contacted to set up an interview time. Follow the directions precisely and ask questions if you need more information. Also, make sure you arrive at your interview on time (unless you have an academic commitment) and be ready to put your best foot forward!

What: Students who pass the in-hall interviews will spend 30 minutes in a second-round hall director interview. Two to five hall directors and managers from across campus will ask you questions about the position and your leadership skills.

When: February 23-26, 2021

Your Responsibility: You will be contacted to set up an interview time. Follow the directions precisely and ask questions if you need more information. Also, make sure you arrive at your interview on time and be ready to put your best foot forward!

What: We will send you one of three letters to your Ball State e-mail address:

  • A congratulations letter offering you a position in a specific building or apartment community.
  • An alternate letter explaining that while we consider you a hire-able candidate we are not offering you employment at this time. If you receive this letter, we will place you in an alternate pool and keep you on file for consideration if more positions become available.
  • A letter thanking you for your time and interest in the position.

Your Responsibility: Recognize that these decisions (including your placement if hired) are final and not subject to negotiation. If you are hired, you will need to formally accept the position and complete a contract.

Frequently Asked Questions

As you can probably see by observing the current RAs you know, being an RA requires many different skills. Each Residence Hall Director is looking for different qualities, but here are a few areas to consider

  • ability to work on a team
  • oral communication skills
  • ability to relate well to others
  • organization skills
  • writing skills
  • positive attitude
  • creativity

We feel the role RAs play is crucial and we want to hire the best students we can for the position. The process is long because we want to get to know you before we make our hiring decisions. The number of candidates applying also can make the process longer.

An RA is hired for the complete academic year from August through May. If an RA resigns before the end of his/her employment dates, a letter explaining the circumstances will be placed in the RA's permanent employment file. All policies regarding residence requirements and cancellation fees will apply.

An RA may not carry more than 18 credits per semester unless prior permission is received from the residence hall director.

A 2.50 cumulative GPA must be maintained to be an RA.

An RA is not permitted to hold a second job. Major responsibilities that take an RA out of the residence hall must first be discussed with your assistant hall director and residence hall director.

In consultation with the residence hall director, an RA may be permitted to join outside activities. Sometimes joining an organization can be a major responsibility that takes an RA out of the residence hall. Please note: An RA may not join a Greek organization during the first semester of his/her employment.

An RA can be away from the hall two weekends a month. If you have an individual concern or situation, talk to your residence hall director. Some exceptions may be granted.

Resident assistants are hired to be physically available to hall residents. It is reasonable to set a curfew so that staff members are available to respond to incidents that may occur in the early morning hours.

Yes! RAs need to be available for special staffing weekends, which include but not limited to the first and last weekends of the semester or other hall specific events which may require attendance.

Because of the time commitments for an RA and the requirement to complete an internship, student teaching experience, or immersive learning project, RAs may not participate in those types of academic programs unless approved in writing and in advance by the Associate Director of Housing and Residence Life.