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Applications open Monday, November 16.

Please complete the application thoroughly and without error. 


  1. Visit Apply to be an APM
  2. Log in with your BSU Username and Password
  3. Click on “Employment”
  4. Click on 2021-2022 APM Application

Job Description

The Academic Peer Mentor (APM) will aid in facilitating student learning and academic success in our living-learning communities (LLCs) through individualized support, academic programming, marketing, and program assessment.

The APM will directly report to the APM supervisor (Living-Learning Community Graduate Coordinator) and indirectly to the LLC Directors (Residence Hall Directors of buildings with LLCs). In addition, the APM will often work with the Assistant Director of Housing and Residence Life for Coordination of Living-Learning Programs (ADHRL-LLP).

To apply for this position, candidates must meet the following requirements:

  • Hold at least a 2.75 cumulative grade point average
  • Have completed a minimum of 27 total credit hours
  • Be enrolled in or have completed the EDHI 200 class with a B grade or higher
  • Have lived at least one semester in the residence halls by the contract start date
  • Be in good academic and judicial standing with the Housing and Residence Life office and the university
  • Be able to work for the entire school year
  • Note: Preference may be given to those applicants with two or more semesters of experience living on-campus at Ball State University and/or experience living in a LLC.

Successful candidates will be responsible for the following

Team Interactions

  • Move in prior to residence hall opening and attend all training sessions (includes prior to leaving for the summer semester, before fall semester opening, and before spring semester opening).
  • Serve as an effective member of the Learning Team (LT) and hall staff by working closely with the LT and residence hall staff to accomplish LLC and residence life goals.
  • Provide assistance to and communicate with faculty and LT members working with LLC participants as directed by APM Supervisor.
  • Participate as an active member in the following meetings:
    • Supervisor/LLC Director one-on-ones
    • APM Staff Meetings
    • Learning Team
    • Hall Council (as directed by LLC Director)
    • Hall Staff (as directed by LLC Director)
  • Participate in staff retreats and staff development sessions as directed by APM Supervisor.


  • Submit weekly logs regarding student interactions, weekly action plans, and event attendance.
  • Work with LLC supervisor and hall staff to develop a system for students to communicate and connect with each other (i.e. bulletin board, e-mail distribution list, Twitter, community Facebook account, etc.)
  • Read the Freshman Connections book and be prepared to discuss with first year students as well as attend Freshman Connections events. Also participate in the facilitating of Common Reader discussion groups during Welcome Week.
  • Assist in gathering feedback via surveys of programs presented.

Activity and Event Planning

  • Work closely with the APM Supervisor and LLC Director(s) to create plans for each upcoming semester in advance.
  • Provide students in LLCs with important student success programming, academic integration tips, and academic information like course request, reading/using Degree Works Audits, add/drop/withdrawal dates, and academic deficiencies through active and passive means.
  • Facilitate the implementation of LLC programs (including Welcome Week and LLC kick-off events). This includes but is not limited to publicity development, gathering supplies, gathering students for events, coordinating faculty/staff arrival for the event, collaborating with hall staff on events and initiatives, etc.
  • Be available to attend and assist chaperone(s) on LLC-sponsored field trips (which may include some weekend commitments).
  • Actively participate in residence hall, LLC, university programs/activities and promote LLC students' involvement in them as well.

Student Interaction and Intervention

  • Be visible and approachable to students in the LLC and provide academic support to students via departmental intervention and follow-up initiatives.
  • Act as a referral agent for students to academic and career resources on campus.
  • Promote opportunities for students to learn about majors, minors, careers, theme-based interests, and activities related to the learning community, in and around campus.
  • Maintain an academically focused bulletin board during the academic year, which needs to be updated once each month.
  • Actively participate in residence hall, LLC, university programs/activities and promote LLC students’ involvement with the same.

Compensation package includes the following:

Full room and board in the living-learning community you are assigned (this includes a 21 meal plan). Rooms are double-spaced with roommates. Air conditioning installation fee waived for all buildings except Elliott Hall (sorry, current windows do not allow for air conditioners).

Hiring Timeline 

  • January 29 - Online applications due
  • Early February - Interviews
  • Mid March - Offers sent to student's BSU email account