31 UPD Officers

Victim Advocacy

Behavioral Intervention Team

CRASE Training

Be Prepared

In any crisis or emergency, the university's foremost concern is the protection of human life, health, and welfare. We want to inform and empower you to protect yourselves and to protect the lives of those around you in the event of an emergency. As the beneficence pledge reflects, you are a valued member of the campus community and your safety is a top priority.

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Health and Wellness

Health Promotion and Advocacy (HPA) provides health and wellness education, prevention, and survivor-centered support through the Center for Survivor Support.

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No matter if you are seeking self-help guidance, are facing temporary financial insecurity, or are seeking accommodations to help you be successful in the classroom, Ball State offers a wealth of resources available to on and off-campus students, many of which are at little to no cost.