We invite you to visit our office located on the second floor of the Amelia T. Wood Health Center. We have a Resource Room full of the latest health information regarding sexual responsibility, alcohol and other drugs, partying smart, nutrition, and basic health issues. Condoms and dental dams are also available in our Condom Shoppe for those choosing to be sexually active.

Our Mission

The mission of the Office of Health, Alcohol, and Drug Education (OHADE) is to assist students to succeed academically through the promotion of healthier lifestyles.


Office of Health, Alcohol, and Drug Education offers many services, including:

  • HIV Testing: information regarding testing
  • Internships: undergraduate and graduate positions available within the Office of Health Education
  • Resource Room: a helpful resource library regarding numerous health topics
  • The Condom Shoppe: assistance to students in making healthy sexual decisions


These services aid in achieving Office of Health, Alcohol, and Drug Education's mission of assisting students in reaching their personal and educational goals and removing barriers to learning. For more information regarding any of our services, please call 765-285-3775.


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