About Say Something

The Say Something program is coordinated by the Office of the Dean of Students. Say Something provides a centralized way for Ball State community members to report concerns and incidents or address observed difficulties that may impede a person's success at Ball State University.

Say Something provides centralized reporting and record-keeping of conduct by members of the University community, including but not limited to persons of concern, discrimination, and Title IX. Maxient software helps us connect important information related to community members' conduct and wellbeing to provide coordinated support for success.

Is This an Emergency?

Do you believe a student or someone else may be in immediate danger?

  • Person is actively suicidal
  • Threats of violence to one's self or others
  • Medical Emergency
  • Any other type of an emergency

If there is an emergency situation, please call University Police at 765-285-1111 or 911 then complete a Person of Concern referral below.

Referral Forms

Referral submissions will be reviewed by the Dean of Students staff as appropriate.

Please select the appropriate form below to begin your referral:

Faculty who observe patterns of academic behavior in an individual student that may endanger their academic success are encouraged to complete this referral. This includes concerns with time management, organization, communication, procrastination, motivation, major exploration, connecting to resources, etc.

Issuing alerts through EAB Navigate (https://bsu.campus.eab.com/home) should be the primary method used to make referrals regarding: attendance concerns, course work concerns, poor quiz/poor test grades, textbook/books, tutoring, and writing skills

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Faculty, staff, and students may refer Ball State community members who are experiencing crisis, displaying odd or unusual behaviors, or engaging in other behaviors that may be perceived as being harmful to themselves and/or others.

When appropriate, this information will be shared with the Ball State Counseling Center.

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Silent Witness is an online program that allows users to confidentially report information about criminal activity on campus.

This form should not be used to report crimes in progress or emergencies and cannot be used to file formal police reports.

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Members of the campus community have the opportunity to report issues that they believe may be a violation of the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities, including but not limited to classroom disruption, disorderly conduct, and general student behavior reports.

The Office of Student Conduct will investigate reports to determine appropriate action.

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Members of the campus community may refer incidents or concerns involving Ball State registered student organizations, including Greek letter organizations, for review of violations to the Student Code.

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Report information necessary to initiate an investigation of alleged discrimination, harassment, sexual or gender harassment, sexual assault or other sexual violence, stalking, or retaliation pursuant to the Sexual Harassment and Misconduct Policy and the Student Code of Conduct.

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Ball State University is committed to freedom of expression and inclusiveness, which the University defines as our commitment to respect and embrace equity, inclusion, and diversity in people, ideas, and opinions.

Consistent with this value and in order to comply with Indiana law, the University provides a procedure to allow a student or employee of the University to file a complaint if a faculty member has not met the criteria outlined in the law.

A student or employee making a complaint under this procedure should file it using the University’s established EthicsPoint portal. Complaints will be referred to appropriate human resource professionals and supervisors for review through regular University processes. For additional information, visit the Ball State Freedom of Expression Webpage.

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This form is for HRL Staff use only.  For anyone else, please utilize one of the other referral links.


Helping Students in Distress

As faculty and staff members, you may be the first to notice a student who is experiencing difficulty. However, you do not have to take on the role of counselor or diagnose a student. If appropriate, you may want to have a direct conversation with the student to gather more information and express your concern. We do recommend you offer resource referral information.

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For more information about the Say Something program or for assistance, please contact the Office of the Dean of Students.

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