One degree in Physics or Astronomy from Ball State University.

A second degree in Engineering from Anderson University.

No increase in tuition. 

Ball State University and Anderson University are partnered together for a dual-degree program in physics/astronomy and engineering. This program gives Ball State students the opportunity to enroll in our physics or astronomy major and take additional courses in engineering at Anderson University to earn two degrees in five years.

You will be a Ball State cardinal and only pay tuition to Ball State, but you will have the advantage of taking additional classes at Anderson University's premier School of Engineering. And in five years—or less, if you enroll in Ball State with transferable credit—you will graduate with two bachelor's degrees.

This dual-degree program is a powerful combination of two interrelated and mathematics-based disciplines. Physics is a fundamental science that uses mathematics to understand the universe. Engineering takes the knowledge and processes of both physics and mathematics to design practical solutions to real-world problems.

The advantage of this dual-degree program is that it allows you to dive deep into both physics and engineering, rather than limiting yourself to just one discipline. 

You've Got Options

This dual-degree program is designed to be as flexible as possible to prepare students for a broad set of careers. You can figure out what you are passionate about—and what you're good at—and still graduate on time.

- Dr. John Millis, Chair of Department of Physics and Astronomy

Credit Hours

Total: 120

  • Major: 65-67
    • Physics Common Core: 53
    • General Physics Concentration: 12
    • Applied Physics Concentration: 14
  • University Core Curriculum: 36


  • PHYC 120-122 General Physics 1-2
  • PHYC 262 Modern Physics Laboratory
  • PHYC 354-356 Electronics 1-2
  • PHYC 434 Thermodynamics
  • PHYC 450 Electricity and Magnetism
  • PHYC 464 Intro to Quantum Mechanics

For a complete list of all the courses you will take and their descriptions, please see our Course Catalog.

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Engineering Disciplines

  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Computer
  • Mechatronics

Lindsey Herrara doing electrical engineeringThe combination of physics and engineering is perfect for current student Lindsey Herrera. She takes the majority of classes at Ball State, and her practical and hands-on engineering work is done at Anderson University.

"For example, with electronics and electricity I might learn about the theory in one of my physics classes at Ball State. But then I get to go to AU and apply that knowledge through circuits or mechatronics."

Since physics and math are the foundation of engineering, she is able to obtain a greater depth of knowledge than if she was just pursuing one degree. And employers are taking notice. 

"So far I have job shadowed under a mechanical engineer, a prosthetic and orthotics company, and an aerospace engineer. And at a recent conference, I was interviewed and offered an internship on the spot. The program and the fact that I'm doing these two degrees at once really stood out." 

Frequently Asked Questions

First, apply to Ball State University (below). In the Spring semester of sophomore year, physics students can then use Anderson University's special Ball State-AU application portal for this dual-degree program.
Students are full-time Ball State University students during the entirety of this program. However, students do still need to pay for textbooks and lab fees at Anderson University. 
The dual-degree program takes five years, but can be done in four if a student has transferrable credits.  Both universities are intentional about scheduling classes for the ease and convenience of students in this dual-degree program.

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One of the best ways to understand why Ball State stands out is to come see it for yourself. You can schedule a visit through our Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Make sure to tell them you’re interested in our program. Or if you’d like to speak with someone in our department directly by phone or email, please contact us.

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