Steinway piano closeup

From our early music ensemble to our piano chamber music groups, the School of Music offers a wide range of chamber music performance opportunities. Some of these opportunities are cross-disciplinary and allow students to collaborate with others from different departments on campus.

Collegium Musicum is an ensemble dedicated to performing early music. Students are instructed in authentic, historical styles of early pieces.

Students learn how to perform Renaissance and baroque music by playing period instruments such as recorder, crumhorn, sackbut, viola da gamba, harpsichord, flute, and shawm. The ensemble includes singers as well as instrumentalists. 

Members of Collegium Musicum perform once a semester. Our programs often integrate other arts including poetry and drama as seen in our recent "Shakespeare and Music” concert.

If you are interested in joining the ensemble or want to learn more, contact Rebecca Burkart.

The School of Music offers a variety of chamber music opportunities for pianists.

Since the vast majority of this repertoire focuses on works with strings or winds, that is where the emphasis lies at Ball State.

Chamber music ensembles include a minimum of three performers, with a range up to six or seven musicians.

Chamber music groups are coached by the professors of the performers in the ensemble. Generally one faculty member is assigned to coach the ensemble, but other professors can also be involved in the individual coaching.

Performance opportunities for student chamber music ensembles include various recital formats on campus as well as off-campus possibilities, including competitions.

If you are interested in playing in a piano chamber music ensemble, you should speak with your applied professor.