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The doctor of arts (DA) degree with a major in music is designed to prepare superior musicians for careers that combine teaching, performance, and scholarship.

The broadly designed programs integrate a primary area of study selected from among the traditional disciplines of music with an area of secondary emphasis. The secondary may be done in the School of Music or in a related field on campus.

The degree requirements include a comprehensive written and oral exam, both an internship and externship, teaching and pedagogy seminars, and a dissertation. The dissertation offers an original contribution that might be an analytical study, a significant annotated catalog, a pedagogical or performance-practice project, or it might include a composition or recording, as appropriate.

Primary Areas of Study

  • performance
  • piano chamber music/accompanying
  • conducting
  • music education
  • theory composition

Secondary Areas of Study

  • performance
  • piano chamber music/accompanying
  • conducting
  • music education
  • music history and musicology
  • music theory and composition
  • entrepreneurial music
  • an approved field of study outside of the School of Music

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