Thinking about pursuing a graduate degree at Ball State? You're probably asking yourself 'what is it going to cost?' and 'how will I afford this?' At Ball State, we strive to make education affordable so that you can still pursue your passions while working toward a graduate degree or certificate.

See the costs of graduate study at Ball State and learn how to fund them with graduate assistantships, employment, and more.

Cost of Graduate School

Cost of Graduate School

The cost of graduate study at Ball State includes the annual graduate tuition rate and fees for various campus services and/or programs. 

The cost of Indiana resident and non-resident graduate tuition is assessed to all graduate students taking Ball State courses on- or off-campus, short-term, online, or through distance education. 

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What other types of cost should I consider?

Aside from tuition and fees, new graduate students should also consider the cost of everyday living here in Muncie. Fortunately, life here is pretty affordable. See the cost expectations of moving to Muncie.

Funding Your Graduate Studies

For many, the decision to attend graduate school is a big one. More than the tuition costs and time, pursuing a higher degree is an investment in your career and future.

The Graduate School at Ball State makes funding graduate education a possibility through a variety of options.

Graduate Assistantships

Being a graduate assistant (GA) allows you to gain meaningful professional experience while pursuing your master’s or doctoral degree — all while reducing your total cost at Ball State.

Learn more about graduate assistantships

Student Employment

General employment for graduate students is a reliable alternative or addition* to an assistantship that many graduate students take advantage of at Ball State. Find a position and apply to start the process.

* Students with a graduate assistantship who also seek additional student employment must receive written permission from their department and the Associate Dean of the Graduate School to do so. Learn more.

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Midwest Student Exchange Program

MSEP reduces Ball State’s full-time, on-campus tuition and student services fee for qualified out-of-state residents to total no more than 150% of the full-time, in-state tuition and student services fee paid by Indiana residents. Online, distance, and off-campus tuition is not eligible for this program. If you hold a graduate assistantship, you are not eligible for this program. 

MSEP benefits apply only to tuition and the student services fee. Recipients remain responsible for all other Ball State fees, including the University technology, recreation center, health center, residence hall technology, overload, and course fees. Learn more about the MSEP.

U.S. Military Benefits

Assistance for veterans is available; however, careful planning is necessary if you wish to have assistance apply toward your online or distance education enrollment. Learn more about our veterans' benefits at Ball State.

Federal Academic Alliance

Ball State University has joined the Federal Academic Alliance and is offering reduced tuition rates for all eligible Federal Government Employees (civil servants), spouses, and dependents who enroll in online graduate-level programs and courses through Ball State’s Teachers College. Learn more about qualifications for FAA

Employee Assistance Programs

Many employers offer education assistance to their employees. These educational benefits range from providing tuition reimbursement or scholarships to financing select job-related coursework. Speak with your supervisor or a human resources representative at your employer to pursue this option.

In addition, you may receive up to $5,250 in tax-free education benefits from your employer each year. The payments do not have to be for work-related courses. Learn more about these tax savings.

Reduced Cost for Students Ages 60+

If you are an Indiana resident age 60 or older, you may qualify for a 50% reduction in the cost of your Ball State tuition. Learn more about this reduced cost.

Still looking for ways to fund your degree?

Other options may be available to help you achieve your goals. See all of our Financial Aid and Scholarship offerings at Ball State.