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It’s the digital age, and digital storytellers are in high demand across the marketplace—from companies to nonprofits to governments. Our master’s program empowers you to craft compelling stories that fully engage audiences and influence their world. You will also learn to investigate, research, and study issues related to new forms of digital media.

While learning from a team of dedicated faculty alongside other students, you will have access to the latest technologies and facilities, including:

  • a digital newsroom
  • a virtual studio
  • nonlinear digital video editing and post-production equipment
  • high-definition digital filmmaking equipment
  • a Dolby digital audio production studio

Chris Flook
Chris Flook

Chris Flook is a filmmaker who teaches students to use modern storytelling techniques to depict historical events. Learn more about his work.

Major Requirements

The program prepares communication professionals for the multidisciplinary perspectives needed to produce and manage content for a variety of digital media or to pursue doctoral studies in media and digital storytelling. It requires a total of 26 credits of core, research, and design courses. You’ll also have an opportunity to select two elective courses (six to seven hours) and six credit hours for your thesis or research project.

Media Facilities and Equipment

Facilities and Equipment

High-definition digital cameras, digital audio recording gear, and kit lighting are just a few of the items you’ll work with in our professional-caliber studios. Learn more.



Skills You Will Learn

  • proficiency in digital and transmedia design and production
  • mastery of narrative substance and structure
  • an understanding of the challenges, implications, and ethics of storytelling in a media-saturated age
  • an advanced level of media- and communication-related theories
  • professional research and writing skills

Classes You Will Take

A few of the classes you will take include:

  • Foundations of Digital Storytelling
  • Introduction to Critical Theory
  • Approaches to Creativity
  • Story Design and Development
  • Digital Video Production
  • Digital Audio Production
  • Research Methods

For a complete list of all courses and their descriptions, please consult our Graduate Catalog.

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What can you do with a degree from Media?

Some students use their new expertise to launch a career in broadcast, corporate media, motion pictures, multimedia, emerging electronic media industries, and other exciting fields.

For other students, this program is a first step in pursuing a tenure-track, professional career in higher education teaching and research. See everything that includes.

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