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Your experience in the Miller College is about so much more than what you learn in the classroom. Active student organizations connect you with like-minded peers and build lasting industry partnerships while internships, study abroad, and immersive learning experiences outfit you with confidence and expertise.

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SOAR Program

Our SOAR program supplies you with a one semester course through each of your first three years of study to enhance career competencies, develop professional preparedness, and connect you with campus resources. Learn more.


Gain a competitive edge through hands-on experience—working side-by-side with leading professionals—during internships that align with your interests and career objectives. Longstanding partnerships with top firms provide you with options for full and part-time experiences throughout the year. Learn more.

Student Organizations

Deepen your understanding of the profession and broaden your social circles through active, connected student organizations and honor societies that span all areas of study. Learn more.

Student Advisory Council 

Join the Dean’s Student Advisory Council to advise the dean of the Miller College of Business on issues of importance to the student body and actively promote the college at a variety of networking events. Membership is open to all students of the Miller College. Get involved.

Professional Connections

Top professionals regularly visit campus to share industry trends and innovation through our Executive in Residence program, Distinguished Speaker Series, and Dialogue Days. Learn more.

Miller WOW

Miller WOW (Week of Welcome) activities were created just for you, the freshmen and transfer students who are the newest members of our Miller College family. Learn more.

Centers and Labs

Miller College of Business provides students the chance to explore and learn in innovative centers and labs as well as hands-on opportunities in state-of-the-art educational spaces. Our students run a restaurant and boutique-style apartment building. They work within a historic clothing collection dating back to the 1700s. They are immersed in professional situations that allow them to excel. Learn more.

Virtual Ventures

Opportunities to gain insights about professional functions, company structures, business practices, and much more are available throughout the semester. These live seminars and conferences are being hosted by such companies as JPMorgan Chase, Amazon, Chick-Fil-A, Bank of America, Microsoft, eBay, PayPal, Dell, & Netflix.

Virtual Tuesday Trivia Nights

Join us for virtual trivia! You will answer questions based on the University’s history, as well as fun facts about sports, current events, pop culture, and maybe even some Harry Potter or Marvel trivia! Every night will have different categories

Meet new people, learn about business student organizations, and win prizes!

How to Play? Each individual or team will need a computer to join the Zoom webinar with our host and one computer/device to play the trivia game. Once you enter the Zoom webinar, you will receive a code to play the trivia game via Crowdpurr.

Scoring & Prizes: Games are scored automatically by the trivia software and will show real-time player rankings. Players earn points based on answering questions correctly in the least amount of time. The top three winners will win free swag from the Miller College of Business.

Note: Miller College Virtual Tuesday Trivia Nights are open to all BSU students, staff, and faculty members.

Questions? Contact the Office of Undergraduate Programs at 765-285-5329 or