Ann Hildner

Ann Hildner

Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture

Curriculum Vitae


Room:AB 230

Ann has a bachelor of science degree in Art History from Washington University in St. Louis and a master’s degree in Landscape Architecture from Ball State University. She was an Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture in the Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture at Purdue University from 2008 to 2013.

Prior to that, she was an associate and senior designer at Rundell Ernstberger Associates (REA) for twelve years preceded by six years at various landscape architecture and multi-disciplinary design firms. During that time, she had the opportunity to make a significant contribution to projects such as White River Gardens, Indianapolis Art Center ArtsPark, and the Olmsted Brothers’ Sunken Garden and Convalescent Park at IUPUI. Over time she developed an interest and expertise in the use of plant material as a significant artistic and restorative component in site and garden design. She has worked on developing sustainable best practice details and specifications for habitat restoration in woodland and prairie installations and river and stream bank stabilization project sites. During which time, she had focused on developing a framework of thought about planting design that employs ecological principles toward achieving self-sustaining plant combinations and garden habitats that express a sense of place. 

Much of her scholarly work to date has been focused on the scholarship of teaching and learning and has involved exploring teaching methodologies that focus on enhancing the creativity within the design studio experience addressing the following:

  • seeking to improve student learning through integrated curricular project experiences
  • appropriately aligning feedback with the successive stages of the design process
  • guiding groups of students to develop divergent proposals for a common site and programs
  • teaching students to maximize the use of plant material in a way that deepens their understanding of the art of place-making

In addition, she has been working on developing a framework of thought about sustainable planting design that embraces diversity, contributes to improved ecosystem functioning, a lowered carbon footprint, and overall sustainability and is an advocate for the rebuilding/reconstruction of the eastern deciduous forest and woodland matrix. 


MLA Ball State University
BS Washington University in St. Louis

Major Emphases

• Landscape Architecture Methods and Practice
• Planting Design Theory and Practice
• Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
• Landscape Thinking