We engage in exercise testing, metabolic measurements, muscle and tendon biopsies, whole body composition, and other screenings in our 20,000-square-foot Human Performance Laboratory, which has received national recognition for its research with NASA, Olympic athletes, and nutritional supplementation.


The teaching/research laboratories our students get to work in include our:

  • Human Performance Laboratory – Participate in activities related to exercise physiology testing, clinical procedures, fiber physiology, mass spectrometry, and chromatography to name a few.
  • Biomechanics Lab – This lab is outfitted with the latest hardware and software resources to provide experiences such as 3-D motion capture technology.
  • Integrative Exercise Physiology Lab – Research in the IEPL investigates the functioning of individual cells, systems, and organs as they apply to our understanding of the functioning of the entire human body.
  • Exercise Science/First Aid Teaching Lab – Perfect practical skills learned in class using a number of pieces of exercise testing equipment such as electrocardiograph and computer-based spirometry system.
  • Sport and Exercise Psychology Lab – serves as a functional area used for mental skills presentations with athletic teams, student and faculty research, class projects, group meetings, and as a collaborative place of study.
  • Clinical Exercise Physiology Lab – perform comprehensive cardiovascular disease risk assessment including advanced measures of vascular health and cardiopulmonary physiology during exercise.  
  • Adult Physical Fitness Program – provides individualized exercise programming for apparently healthy adults and those with chronic disease that are medically stable and cleared to perform exercise. 
  • Athletic Training Lab – provides support for faculty and graduate student research

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Practicums and Internships

Several of our programs involve professional practicums or internship opportunities for the student to obtain experience in a real-world setting both on and off of campus.

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Immersive Learning

Work with students and faculty across disciplines as you help a community partner address their real-world challenges, giving you hands-on experience while making a real and lasting impact by serving others. Learn more.