The purpose of the Honors Program in the School of Kinesiology is to provide an opportunity for the intellectual enrichment of outstanding students pursuing one of the major areas of study within the School. Students who complete the Honors Program will earn the designation “Honors in the School of Kinesiology” on their official university records. Furthermore, this achievement will be properly noted in the Commencement program.


  • Earn a minimum GPA of 3.5 within the major (major core courses) and an overall GPA of 3.25.
  • Earn six Honors Credits in approved 300- or 400-level major courses with a grade of B or better.
  • Complete a thesis (Senior Honors Project) by enrolling in HONRS 499.

Honors Credit

Honors course work may take the form of one or more of the following examples. In all cases, Honors requirements are above and beyond the normal course expectations.

  • writing a paper on a topic related to the subject content above and beyond the regular course assignments
  • performing or assisting with some type of research on an approved topic above and beyond the regular course assignments
  • making a class presentation which involves considerable research and preparation above and beyond the regular course assignments
  • performing additional readings, observations, case studies, etc., followed with an appropriate oral presentation to the professor
  • any other learning experience approved by the professor and the School of Kinesiology Honors Representative

To fulfill the Honors Credit Requirement, the student must complete the appropriate assignments as described above in a minimum of six hours from the following courses:

  • Exercise Science (EXSC): 301, 360, 402, 493
  • Sport Administration (SPTA): 300, 303, 305, 345, 402, 448, 470, 485
  • Aquatics (AQUA): 313, 355, 404, 454, 455, 457, 458
  • Health and Physical Education (PEP): 310, 394, 399, 400, 444

In order to obtain credit for an Honors course, seek permission to pursue an Honors assignment from your professor in an approved course during the first week of the semester. With the approval of your professor, a mutually agreed upon academic experience (described above) can be developed for Honors credit. A plan should be formulated to minimize the work load for the professor. Honors experiences are intended to serve as forms of intellectual enrichment for both parties with the student taking the responsibility for initiating, pursuing, and completing the assignment.

Senior Honors Project (HONRS 499)

  1. Contact the Honors College (765) 285‐1024 to obtain permission to register for HONRS 499 for the semester during which you will complete your thesis
  2. Obtain a Departmental Honors Thesis Guide from the Honors College (BA 104) before you begin working on your thesis.
  3. If you are a student in the Honors College, you do not need to complete two theses. Your Departmental Honors thesis can be adjusted to fit the Honors College Thesis/Creative Project requirements. Follow the thesis guidelines and procedures in the Honors College Thesis Guide.

How to Sign up for Departmental Honors

  1. Contact Coralee Young in the Honors College for a registration form.
  2. Complete and submit SOK Honors Form to SOK faculty representative. Honors coursework shall not be pursued until the student has been formally admitted to the program.  

Download Application (PDF)

Completion of Departmental Honors

  1. Once you have met the departmental honors requirements please complete and submit the School of Kinesiology Honors Completion form to Barb Weyenburg, School of Kinesiology Honors Program Advisor for verification.

Download Completion Form (PDF)


Contact Barb Weyenberg, School of Kinesiology Honors Program Advisor, by email or at 765-285-3205 for more information.