The Department of Educational Studies is a learning community engaged in the preparation of educators, the discovery of knowledge, and the promotion of social justice.

Our distinguished faculty, award-winning academic programs, and rich legacy of community collaboration and teacher preparation provide students with an entrepreneurial approach to education. Through immersive learning projects, our students work directly with the community to foster a catalyst for change, and put theory into practice.

The Department of Educational Studies offers PhD, EdD, graduate masters, and undergraduate courses, as well as numerous specialized certificates, to meet the needs of students at all levels of their academic career. Many of our programs can be completed online or as blended programs with some online and some on campus sections.

Bachelor's Degrees
A teacher working with students.

Undergraduate Professional Education Programs

On Campus

Many of our teaching majors—especially those for secondary and middle school education—are housed outside Teachers College. You’ll gain an in-depth understanding of your field through those departments' classes while developing your instructional techniques through classes we offer in the Teachers College. Learn more.

Teacher showing children a globe.

Family and Consumer Science Major

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science (On Campus)

Do you love the idea of using your teaching career to improve the quality of life for individuals, families, and communities? Then Ball State's major in family and consumer sciences education is right for you. Learn more.

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Minor in Industrial Leadership

On Campus

A minor in industrial leadership will help you develop an understanding of how manufacturing-related industries are organized and supervised. Learn more.
A student using technology.

Minor in Educational Technology

On Campus

The educational technology minor emphasizes the design, development, and deployment of technology solutions for teaching, learning, and training. Learn more.

A teacher working with a group of students.

Minor in Multicultural Education

On Campus

Study possible solutions to the problems of developing racial and cultural harmony with our 15-credit minor in multicultural education. Open to all undergraduate majors and programs. Learn more.

A group of adults sitting in a classroom.

Master's Degree in Adult and Community Education

Master of Arts (Online or Blended)

Join one of the few graduate programs in the nation with a strong focus on community education through our all-online master’s in adult and community education. Learn more.

Students sitting together in a classroom.

Master's Degree in Executive Development for Public Service

Master of Arts (Online or Blended)

Boost your leadership and administration skills with our master’s in executive development for public service. This degree is great for executives, managers, and supervisors in government, nonprofit, and for-profit organizations. Learn more.

A group of students working with technology.

Master's Degree in Curriculum and Educational Technology

Master of Arts (Online or Blended)

In addition to core training, specialty tracks develop K–12 technology coordinators and master teachers who integrate learning technologies into curriculum and specialists who direct curricular design, implementation, and evaluation in K–12 school. Learn more.

A teacher working with a young student.

Master's Degree in Secondary Education

Master of Arts in Secondary Education (Online or Blended)

Our master of arts in secondary education is designed to enable practicing teachers to deal with theoretical concepts relating directly to their instruction and to improve instructional effectiveness. Learn more.

Students working on computers while teacher watches.

Master's Degree in Technology Education

Master of Arts (Online)

Understand the nature of a rapidly changing field and become a more effective instructor in technology or engineering with our all-online master of arts in technology education. Learn more.

A group of adults sitting in a classroom while a professor lectures.

EdD in Adult and Community Education


Our doctor of education in adult and community education develops skills in management, personnel development, program planning and evaluation, and teaching related to adult learners. Learn more.

PhD in Educational Studies

Online and On Campus

Our doctorate in educational studies program addresses critical issues facing education in the 21st century, including the increasing role of technology in learning, instructional design, curriculum development, assessment, and pedagogy, plus the influence of societal trends in demographics, economics, and politics on the structure and culture of schools. Learn more.

A faculty member presenting research.

Graduate Certificate in Qualitative Research in Education

Online or Blended

Complement a doctoral program of studies in the social sciences and educational research. Practitioners across a spectrum of fields will also benefit by improving their research skills and practices. Learn more.

A teacher talking with students.

Graduate Certificate in Middle-Level Education


Prepare yourself to address the specific and unique needs of adolescents with our graduate certificate in middle-level education. This 15-credit program can be a stand-alone credential or a supplement to your master’s degree. Learn more.

A teacher working with students in a computer lab.

Graduate Certificate in Computer Education


Designed to benefit K-12 teachers, as well as trainers in business, nonprofit, or governmental settings, our graduate certificate in computer education highlights the best of online education. Learn more.

A teacher giving a presentation in the classroom.

Graduate Certificate in Adult/Community Education

Blend of On-Campus and Online

Design, implement, and evaluate community programs. This certificate is ideal for anyone searching for professional development, job promotion, or skills development for a career change. Learn more.

Three people meet together.

Graduate Certificate in Curriculum Development and Leadership


Specialize in curriculum development and implementation or develop the skills needed for building-level administrator license requirements with this all-online certificate. Learn more.

A group of students working with a teacher.

Graduate Certificate in Diversity Studies


The graduate certificate in diversity studies addresses issues pertaining to race, ethnicity, class, gender, and sexual orientation in an increasingly pluralistic society. This certificate is open to both teaching and non-teaching backgrounds. Learn more.

Virtual and Distance Education Teaching

Graduate Certificate in Virtual and Distance Education Teaching


Update your knowledge about the design, delivery, and assessment of instruction at a distance and in virtual classrooms for K-12 students. Learn more.

Virtual and Distance Education Teaching

License in Virtual and Distance Education Teaching


Update your knowledge about the design, delivery, and assessment of instruction at a distance and in virtual classrooms for K-12 students. Learn more.