B/MD Pathway

Thinking about medical school? Admission to these programs can be highly competitive. Make yourself stand out from other applicants to one of the most highly ranked medical schools in the country with our B/MD pathway.

Completing the B/MD at Ball State University will start you—and keep you—on track to be admitted to the Indiana University School of Medicine’s Muncie campus. Plus, throughout your undergraduate experience, you’ll have extensive out-of-class opportunities that will introduce you to the medical profession and prepare you for a smooth transition into your graduate studies.

“The IU School of Medicine itself is guiding you to admission. You’ll have a support group with you while you’re doing your undergraduate work. When you start as first-year medical student, you already know what to do. It’s not a big surprise, a big change.”

Derron Bishop, PhD
Associate Dean of IU School of Medicine – Muncie

How the B/MD Pathway Works

Registering for the B/MD pathway means you will have a provisional seat in the IU School of Medicine – Muncie when you start your freshman year at Ball State.

After you complete your bachelor’s degree, you will then become automatically eligible to enroll into the medical school as long as you’ve completed all the requirements of the B/MD program.


The B/MD is a guided pathway that will prepare you for medical school through academic advising and extracurricular opportunities. It is not a degree on its own. You will need to earn a bachelor’s degree in one of Ball State’s 120 undergraduate programs.

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Additional Benefits of the B/MD Pathway

During your time in the pathway, you will:

  • receive academic advising tailored specifically for aspiring medical students
  • partner with a mentor who is already in the medical field
  • network with medical students and professionals
  • have access to research opportunities as an undergrad that are often reserved for graduate students
  • attend clinical experiences that give you a first-hand look at the profession

How to Apply

In order to register for the B/MD pathway, you will need to be admitted by both Ball State University and the pathway itself.

Apply to Ball State University

In order for the B/MD pathway to consider your application, you will first need to be admitted to Ball State University.

Apply to Ball State

1. Review the Admission Requirements

You will need to meet the following requirements to be considered for the pathway. The B/MD has limited spaces available, so admission is competitive.

At least one of the following scores or higher:

  • SAT – 1200
  • RSAT (Evidence-Based Reading/Writing and Math) – 1290
  • ACT - 27

3.5 cumulative GPA or higher on a 4.0 scale

Prepare the following materials to provide with your application:


Provide a letter from:

  • your school counselor
  • your principal
  • a teacher
  • a personal reference such as a supervisor at a volunteer activity or employer


Discuss your interest in medicine and long-term goals in the profession of medicine (5,000-character limit).

2. Apply.

Complete the online application, where you will also upload any additional materials required.


3. Attend an interview.

The B/MD pathway’s advisory committee will review your application after you submit it, and if the group decides you are qualified, they will invite you to an interview, both through email and postal mail.

You will meet with the committee on campus to discuss in more detail your interest in medicine and what you see as your future in the profession.

Completion Requirements

Once you begin the B/MD pathway, you will need to meet set requirements in order to remain in it and ultimately enroll in the IU School of Medicine after earning your bachelor’s degree at Ball State.

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If you have questions or would like to learn more, please feel free to call or email Ball State’s pre-medical advisor.

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