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Health Humanities examines health and related issues through history, literature, philosophy, and other humanistic disciplines. Students who take this Minor will learn about a range of topics such as disability, death, disease, fitness, and wellness. Emphasis will be on the human experience of these matters, their variability across cultures, the ethical issues involved, and representations of them in literature or other media. Students will complete a capstone or thesis project in addition to an introductory course and three electives.

Research shows students who study Health Humanities, in addition to their primary fields

  • Perform better in medical school and residency
  • More frequently earn academic honors
  • Increase chances for medical school admissions and employment
  • Demonstrate greater sensitivity to social concerns
Program Requirements

Program Requirements

Total Credits



Required Courses

  • HHUM 200 Introduction to Health Humanities
  • HHUM 400 Health Humanities Capstone

List of Electives

Select three courses from the list of electives. A maximum of two electives may be from your major.

  • ANTH 207 Introduction to Medical Anthropology
  • ANTH 402 Anthropology of Drug Use
  • CC 102 Latin and Greek Bioscientific Terminology
  • COMM 335 Communication and Health
  • ENG 495 Disability Studies
  • HHUM 300 Special Topics in Health Humanities
  • HHUM 350 Rhetoric of Health and Medicine
  • HSC 220 Population, Race and Culture in Health Promotion
  • HSC 371 Death and Dying
  • HSC 372 Women and Health
  • PHIL 235 Bioethics
  • PHIL 415 Neurophilosophy
  • SOC 341 Sociology of Health and Illness
  • SP 338 Medical Spanish

For a complete list of all the courses you will take and their descriptions, please see our Course Catalog.

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Program Director: 

Program Advisor

  • Jennifer Wells

Program Faculty

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To enroll in this minor, please contact our program director, Kevin Harrelson.

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