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If your life’s mission is to expand social justice, better understand human behavior, and help people in practical ways, then Ball State’s master of arts in social psychology is a great fit.

As a student in our program, you will gain experiences and training that will prepare you for employment in applied social psychology or to pursue doctoral training in social psychology or a related field.

What You Will Learn

The social psychology program offers a comprehensive overview of the major content areas within social psychology. In each class, you’ll be exposed to both classic and contemporary research and will complete assignments designed to help you build your research skills.

Among other learning outcomes, you’ll become knowledgeable in issues of:

  • attitudes and persuasion
  • social cognition
  • prejudice and discrimination
  • interpersonal relationships
  • statistics and research methodology

Why Ball State?

We are the only social psychology program in the nation within a counseling psychology department. This gives you the opportunity to examine and promote social psychological principles in health-related settings.

We also emphasize a multicultural approach, which strengthens your career preparation in the field of counseling psychology.

Our campus and community are diverse, and many of the students who pursue our MA in counseling are dedicated to social justice causes and fascinated with human behavior. Students in our programs aren’t afraid to tackle the tough issues, even when it’s challenging.

The courses we offer are designed to give you a great breadth of knowledge in both classic and contemporary social psychological research. You will also be trained in how to competently conduct rigorous social psychological studies of your own. Class sizes are small, which allows for more individualized interaction between faculty and students. In addition, there are many opportunities for gaining research experience both within our department and across other departments on campus.

A limited number of graduate assistantships are available at the university that provide assistants with a stipend while offsetting most of the graduate tuition. In addition, Ball State has some of the most competitive tuition and fees in the Midwest.

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Program Requirements

This program requires you to earn 30 credits from courses in social psychology, statistics, and research methods.

You can also choose electives that allow you to customize your plan of study to meet your own unique career goals and interests. For instance, some students take elective coursework in criminal justice, sociology, health, education, and/or advanced statistics. Students can also pursue a Certificate in Institutional Research.

You can also use your electives to pursue one of two options:

  • thesis – Further develop your research. This is recommended for students planning to pursue doctoral degrees.
  • internship – Gain real-world work experience. This is recommended if you plan to enter the workforce.


Total: 30


A few of the classes you will take may include:

  • SOPS 615 – Social Cognition
  • SOPS 625 – Psychology of Gender
  • SOPS 635 – Social Psychology of Health
  • SOPS 630 – Social Psychology of Prejudice and Discrimination
  • SOPS 640 – Attitudes

For a complete list of all the courses and their descriptions, please see our Graduate Catalog.

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What Can You Do with this Degree?

Program Booklet

To learn more about this program and its requirements please download our supplemental booklet.

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An understanding of how people think, feel, and act toward one another is critical in a variety of applied social science careers. As a graduate of our program, you will be well positioned to enter doctoral programs in social psychology and related fields.

In addition, you will be prepared to seek jobs in a range of applied settings like:

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