Do you need help paying for your graduate work in the Department of Counseling Psychology, Social Psychology, and Counseling? Are you interested in working closely with faculty while gaining hands-on experience in your field? Our department is committed to providing practical opportunities for both professional and personal growth through our graduate assistantships.

Assistantships are available for master’s degree students and for all doctoral students. Historically, doctoral students in the department have also been funded for a third year.


Ball State Graduate Assistants are eligible for partial tuition and fee remission through the Graduate Assistant Tuition and Fee Remission Program.

The amount of the remission is dependent upon Full-Time GA or Half-Time GA status.

Click the links below to view a summary description of the current program provisions.

2020-2021 FULL-Time GA Tuition and Fee Remission Program (PDF)

2020-2021 HALF-Time GA Tuition and Fee Remission Program (PDF)

For the 2020-2021 academic year (Fall and Spring Semesters), our doctoral assistants are paid $11,200. Our master's assistants are paid $9,000. The pay for master's students in other campus offices can vary.


McNair Scholars

We are proud to offer additional benefits for previous McNair Scholars. The Graduate School has funds to support 8 graduate assistant positions for units hiring these students. The award is for one year and can be renewed for one additional year. McNair students should inquire with the hiring unit if there is an assistantship position available for them. If the hiring unit wishes to employ the student in an assistantship, they will make the request to the Graduate School for stipend and tuition support. McNair Scholars can also receive an application fee waiver by providing certification from their local McNair program director. Please mention your McNair Scholar status in your application.

Responsibilities and Expectations

First-year doctoral students are required to take an assistantship, but an exception can be made for one student if necessary. (Only one entering student per year will be allowed this option.)

Any doctoral student may choose to decline the assistantship for the second and third year, if desired.

Students in the department engage in four different types of assistantships including:

  • research with faculty members (usually your committee chair)
  • practicum supervision
  • professional duties in the departmental clinic (intake assessment, interviews, telephone screening, office support, etc.)
  • teaching undergraduate classes or assistant teaching of pre-practicum master's course

Master's assistants in the department typically provide support to the Graduate Admissions Coordinator and the master's program directors. The assistant may also be assigned to research duties with a faculty member. Many master's students hold assistantships in other departments on campus, including Bracken Library, the Rinker Center for Global Affairs, the Learning Center, and the Fisher Institute of Health and Well-Being.

Graduate students also receive excellent financial support from Ball State to present papers at professional conferences.

How to Apply

Open positions are listed on Ball State’s Cardinal Career Link. You should apply directly to the unit offering the assistantship. Contact the unit if you have questions about their application requirements.

Deadlines for assistantship applications vary by academic unit, but most are awarded during spring semester. It is a good idea to indicate your interest early in the application process.

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