• Our department offers a PhD in Counseling Psychology and Master's degrees in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and Rehabilitation Counseling, Social Psychology, and Social Psychology and Clinical Mental Health Counseling. All of our programs are offered on campus. 
  • Clinical experiences that are part of our Counseling and Counseling Psychology degrees provide opportunities for students to provide services for clients in university counseling centers, community mental health centers, hospitals, and other mental health service agencies.
  • In our Social Psychology programs, you will gain experiences and training that will prepare you for employment in applied social psychology or a doctoral degree.
  • We offer a Graduate Minor in Counseling that will introduce you to the counseling field.
  • Our 15-hour Undergraduate Minor in Counseling is designed for undergraduates in any major who want to better understand the principles and dynamics of human interaction.
  • Our 18-hour Interdisciplinary Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution Undergraduate Minor prepares you to understand and address in diverse contexts the sources of oppression, injustice, and violence (i.e., direct, structural, cultural) at the personal, local, national, and international levels.
Students work together in helping a patient

Master's Degree in Counseling

Master of Arts

Ball State’s master of arts in counseling is a flexible, challenging program that prepares you to become a counseling professional dedicated to helping people and making the world a better and more just place. We offer this program in two tracks: clinical mental health counseling or rehabilitation counseling. Learn more.

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Master's Degree in Social Psychology

Master of Arts

If your life’s mission is to expand social justice, better understand human behavior, and help people in practical ways, then consider our master of arts in social psychology. Learn more.

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Master's Degree in Social Psychology and Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Master of Arts

Combine the academic challenge of social psychology with the hands-on, practical application of clinical mental health counseling. Our master of arts in social psychology and clinical mental health counseling is an excellent choice if you enjoy the process of learning and applying your skills to help people. Learn more.

Counseling psychology students working with a patient.

Counseling Psychology

Become an exceptional counseling psychologist working in academia, private practice, or medical and integrated-care settings. Learn more.

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Minor in Counseling

A minor in counseling can help you understand human behavior and the emotional, social, work, school, and physical health concerns people have at different stages in their lives. Regardless of your chosen field, our counseling minor will be a valuable asset in your career. Learn more.

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Minor in Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution

The interdisciplinary peace studies and conflict resolution minor addresses the sources of oppression and violence and the challenges of promoting cooperative and peaceful relationships and social justice on international, national, domestic, and personal levels. It examines proposals that introduce more equitable and nonviolent methods to transform unjust, violent, or oppressive situations. It also teaches strategies such as mediation, and conflict prevention and resolution to promote nonviolence, and meditation and mindfulness to facilitate physical and mental health, and well-being. Learn more.

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Graduate Minor in Counseling

A graduate minor in Counseling will introduce you to the counseling field and provide you with hands-on counseling micro-skills that are useful in careers requiring you to work with people. Learn more.