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Global perspective enriches your life, and thus, adds complexity and depth to your design and planning decisions. To inspire that cultured outlook, we offer a broad experiential foundation that supports multicultural sensitivity.

A blend of regional field trips, international tours, and study-abroad programs take you to exciting and diverse places to explore environmental design and planning. But you don’t only visit, you dive in—to focused field study in architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, urban design, and historic preservation.

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We offer several scholarships to support study abroad. See our scholarships.

CAP:CMID French Canadian Field Study

May 23 to June 15, 2018, travel dates May 26 to June 6, Registration deadline: March 1, 2018
This course introduces design students to French Canadian culture and links French Canadian culture to the field of design and architecture. Students will be exposed to the history, architecture, design, and culture of the Province of Quebec, visiting important cultural and historical locations in the province’s major cities, Quebec City and Montreal. The visit will include meetings with professional designers, university professors in the field of architecture and professionals in related industries, such as those working in design showrooms. The intention is for students to learn about French Canadian culture and link it to their studies at Ball State University. Students will learn about the history of French Canada, visit important historical sights, and learn about how the history and culture of French Canadians impacts upon the design and architecture in the Province of Quebec. 
Learn more. Register by March 1, 2018.
Program Director: Professor Reza Ahmadi
Coursework/Credit(s): Undergraduate: FCS 400/IDES 400: French Canadian Field Study (3 credits).

CAP Asia

This 10-week field study provides participants with a meaningful cross-section of world architecture, urbanism, and planning.

Graduate and undergraduate students focus on collaborative design and planning projects in South Asian cities, typically hand-in-hand with local schools, professionals, and educators. Learn more about the CAP Asia trip.

CAP Asia Students

This program links Ball State students with peers from an institution in Italy, creating a multidisciplinary group of students from both universities engaged in discussion groups and field activities.

Areas of focus include planned preservation, cultural heritage, and the legal framework of integrated cultural systems. For more information, contact Tim Gray.

CAP Student Organizations

Beginning with a series of precedent studies, and ending with a comprehensive design project, CAP Scandinavia explores the natural influences of Scandinavian design, and how these might be manipulated to install new structures into an existing conceptual framework.

Highlights of the program include sustainable building, cultural heritage, spatial perception, planning, expression, context, light, and color. For more information, contact Kristin Barry.

CAP Scandinavia Students

An ambitious program called Polyark takes place periodically, sending groups of Ball State architecture and landscape architecture students along with faculty members on a 15-week tour of numerous cities around the globe.

You’ll blend course work into an intense itinerary to places, spaces, design professionals, buildings, gardens, and vernacular environments.

World Tour Student
CAP Study Abroad

More Study Abroad Opportunities

In addition to CAP’s signature programs, Ball State’s Rinker Center for International Programs offers a range of study and work abroad experiences. Explore opportunities.

Scholarships and Support

We offer several scholarships to support study abroad. See our scholarships.