Do you need help paying for your graduate work in the Department of Biology? Are you interested in working closely with faculty while gaining hands-on experience in your field? Our department is committed to providing practical opportunities for both professional and personal growth through our graduate assistantships and internships.

Compensation and Benefits

As a graduate assistant, you’ll receive:

  • a tuition waiver (some fees still apply)
  • a yearly stipend (paid over 10 months)

How to Apply

The Department of Biology graduate committee begins reviewing applications for assistantships as early as February 1. If you want to be considered for an assistantship that provides a full tuition waiver and a stipend, you should complete your application by February 1, as well as three departmental recommendation forms.

Formal faculty sponsorship is important in the process for granting assistantships. We encourage you to learn about our faculty and their research interests, and contact faculty members to determine if they would be willing and able to serve as your research advisor. A faculty member who wants you to work in his or her research program can promote your application for an assistantship.

Paying for Your Education