Every week, the Center for Peace and Conflict Studies compiles a list of acts of kindness and peace. The initiative began as a response to COVID-19 and the racism pandemic but has broadened to include any act of compassion or service to others. Please share these stories! If you have any stories of positive acts people/organizations are taking to promote peace or compassion and you would like to share them, please email them to Madison Pavone.


Dimitri Muratov Auctions Off Nobel Prize For Children In Ukraine

Free Period Products in Scotland

Pakistan’s First Female Architect Designs and Delivers Disaster Relief Housing

Data Collected by Group of 7th Grade Boys Led to an Investigation

New Movement in LGBT Rights in Vietnam 

Doctors Praise a New Era for Cancer Blood Tests

Patagonia Founder Gives Away Company to Fight Climate Change 

The Railway Strike that Almost Happened, and the Deal that Almost Didn't