Peace Center house on McKinley

 The Peace Center house on McKinley

Since 1988, the Center for Peace and Conflict Studies has had a presence on the Ball State campus. It was evident during that time that the student body and campus community needed a place to be educated on international issues while raising awareness on diversity.

Over the years, we’ve added a minor, offered services on meditation and mediation, published newsletters, and organized events including the Benjamin V. Cohen Peace Conference

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Peace Center Directors

  • Phyllis Zimmerman 1988-2002
  • George Wolfe 2002-2006
  • Roger Hollands 2006-2007 (Interim Director)
  • Lindsey Blom 2014 (Interim Director)
  • Maria Hernandez Finch 2019 (Interim Director)
  • Lawrence Gerstein 2006 to present

Graduate Assistants

  • Aashna Banerjee 2018 to present
  • Kailah Glock 2016-2018
  • Hunter Sully 2014-2016
  • Tacianna Indovina 2012-2014
  • Emily Elder 2010-2012
  • Elizabeth Earl 2008-2010
  • Doris Kirkpatrick 2006-2008