Ian Blessinger, Grad Spring 2017

Ian Blessinger,  Graduate - Bachelor’s Degree, Spring 2017

Major: Logistics & Supply Chain Management
Minor: Six Sigma
Company: enVista
Current Position: Senior Consultant

I chose the program as a sophomore because I was learning that my original major of finance was not something I wanted to do 50 hours a week. At the time I was taking an entry-level ISOM class. We were studying kanban and it just made sense to me, so I decided I would be happier focusing there and switched majors that week. As I got into the higher-level courses I enjoyed the challenges we worked on and was confident I made the right choice.

My first job was as an Associate Consultant for enVista (based in Carmel). I was responsible for implementing TMS's (like MercuryGate) for clients and helping them optimize their transportation departments. I have since been promoted to Sr. Consultant and now work with clients implementing OMS and e-commerce solutions. My role is to not only implement the software but learn our client's business needs and help provide insight/value to all units.

My biggest piece of advice for current students is to just tackle every opportunity with an open mind. When I first made the switch from implementing transportation systems to order management systems I felt underprepared and a bit out of my league. However, the critical thinking and full supply chain view that my education in the program gave me was more than enough to prepare me. Supply chain touches so many different pieces of an organization that a degree in this field will open a lot of doors, you just have to be willing to jump in.

Katie Catton, Grad: Spring 2019 

Katie Catton,  Graduate - Bachelor’s Degree, Spring 2019

"Successful people are not gifted, they just work hard, then succeed on purpose” G. K. Nielson

Major: Logistics & Supply Chain Management; Business Administration
Minor: Spanish
Company: Venture Connect
Current Position: Logistics Coordinator

As a newly decided Business Administration major, I tackled with the idea of what I wanted to specialize in, until my first week of sophomore year. A local logistics manager visited my ISOM210 class to discuss the budding industry of Logistics & Supply Chain Management. He put transportation into a perspective that made me curious and interested. You see all these trucks on the road, get your groceries quickly re-stocked, and order your products online. What happens behind the scenes? Getting products from point A to point B - is it an easy process? I wanted to be able to answer those questions. After that class, I ran over to the Communications building and added LSCM as my second major. 

I recently celebrated my one-year work anniversary. I am a Logistics Coordinator at Venture Connect (formerly known as TransCorr National Logistics). We are a transportation brokerage firm located in Fountain Square – Indianapolis, Indiana. Venture is an asset-based company. We utilize our own trucks; however, we pay outside carriers to run our loads when regional coverage is needed. My duties include tendering shipments, negotiating rates, and booking loads with carriers, while tracking shipment progress. Our goal on the operations team is to work with both the sales representatives and account managers to best serve our customers. Conflicts arise in this industry every day, yet, it is a matter of problem-solving and building carrier-customer relationships to drive a successful supply chain. From the outside looking in, I did not expect to mesh with this industry, but looking in, it has been an eye-opening and rewarding journey so far.

The greatest lessons I have learned within logistics is to how to communicate effectively, strategize customers expectations, never let individuals take advantage of my drive, and to stay educated; all while working in a fast-paced environment. 


Alexa Coy, Grad: Spring 2016

Alexa Coy,  Graduate - Bachelor’s Degree, Spring 2016

"The sky’s the limits when you have a LCSM degree. You can work in any industry in a number of different departments and take advantage of the concepts you learn at Ball State."

Major: Logistics & Supply Chain Management; International Business
Minor: Japanese
Company: Rolls-Royce
Current Position: Business Analyst

What your first job was after graduation:
I started my career as a Material Control in Rolls-Royce’s purchasing department.

What you are doing now: Currently, I am a Business Analyst for Rolls-Royce Defense’s Helicopter division managing the Earned Value data for over $55M in spend. 

Why did you choose the LSCM program: Long story short, I needed to enhance my IB major with a focus. My career counselor suggested double majoring with LCSM and still graduating within 4 years. So I figured, why not!

What would you tell students currently in the LSCM program or those thinking about starting it: Just because you start out in supply chain, doesn’t mean you have to stay in supply chain. I am working towards a career in Project Management after a couple years in operations.


Kelsey Jones Grad 2018Kelsey Jones Grad 2018

Kelsey Jones Graduate - Bachelor’s Degree, Spring 2018

Major: Logistics & Supply Chain Management; Business Administration
Minor: Marketing
Company: Cummins
Current Position: Senior Logistics Analyst in Memphis, TN 

Tell us a bit about you: I have a son, named Diesel, with four legs. Yes, I am one of those crazy dog moms. I love traveling the world, one of my goals is to visit all 7 continents. When not working, I love being outdoors and spending time with friends and family

What your first job was after graduation: Cummins; Global Planner in Memphis, TN 

What you are doing now: Cummins; Senior Logistics Analyst in Memphis, TN 

Why did you choose the LSCM program: I was undecided going into college, I just knew business was the direction I wanted to go. When meeting with advisors, LSCM came up in conversation and I thought I would give it a try. I fell in love with the concept behind LSCM from the first class I had. LSCM is an ever changing puzzle. You are constantly putting the correct pieces together to make the most optimal supply chain that is allowing you to get the product to the right place at the right time. You truly have an impact on the customer. 

What would you tell students currently in the LSCM program or those thinking about starting it: I thought college went fast, but when you get into your career it goes even faster. Make sure you make the most of your time and find a career you are truly passionate about. There is so much out there!