Greening of the Campus I through IX:

Individual scanned digital pages of the proceedings for all nine conferences are available for download as PDF files at no charge.

Those wishing to purchase either hard copies or compiled digital versions of selected (available) proceedings should follow the instructions below.

Proceedings for some of the nine conferences (see listing below for availability) can be purchased by contacting:

Peggy Weis, Conference Proceedings
Ball State University 
2000 University Avenue
Muncie, IN   47306-0170
Phone:   765-285-1135
Fax:       765-285-5622

Conference proceedings may be purchased with Visa, MasterCard, check, or money order.
Proceedings will be shipped via USPS.

Please include your full name, full return mailing address, and phone number on each order along with complete credit card information. Make checks and money orders payable to Ball State University. Be sure to indicate the number of proceedings desired from each conference, and indicate CD, flash drive or bound copy when a choice exists.

Costs for the proceedings (including shipping) are as follows:

Greening of the Campus I
Sold out

Greening of the Campus II: The Next Step
ISBN 0-9776854-1-1
$20 (bound copy only)

Greening of the Campus III: Theory or Reality
Sold out

Greening of the Campus IV: Moving to the Mainstream
ISBN 0-9776854-3-8
$35 (bound copy only)

Greening of the Campus V: Connecting to Place
ISBN 0-9776854-4-6 (bound version)
ISBN 0-9776854-5-4 (CD)
$40 (CD or bound copy)

Greening of the Campus VI: Extending Connections
ISBN 0-9776854-6-2 (bound version)
ISBN 0-9776854-7-0 (CD)         
$40 (CD or bound copy)

Greening of the Campus VII: Partnering for Sustainability
ISBN 0-9776854-8-6 (bound version)
ISBN 0-9776854-9-3 (CD)
$40 (CD or bound copy)

Greening of the Campus VIII: Embracing Change
Sold Out

Greening of the Campus IX: Building Pedagogy
ISBN 978-0-9849094-3-8 (bound version)
ISBN 978-0-9849094-2-1 (flash drive)
$40 (flash drive or bound copy)

Please be advised that conference proceedings are limited productions and may no longer be available at the time of your request.