"Greening of the Campus II: The Next Step" September 18-20, 1997.

In April 1996, Ball State hosted its first "Greening of the Campus" conference, attracting 200 participants from 29 states and five countries for a successful international exchange of ideas on environmental concerns on our campuses and in our world.

Many people expressed an interest in revisiting the issues, problems, and solutions we face. More than 200 participants from five countries continued the discussion at "Greening of the Campus II: The Next Step" September 18-20, 1997. They explored more cutting-edge strategies for making colleges and universities environmentally sensitive models for society.

International leaders David Orr, David Quammen, Hazel Henderson, Sara Parkin, Sabine O'Hara, and Sharon Stine shared their expertise in keynote addresses at the 1997 conference. More than 50 other educators, researchers, and consultants presented technical papers and workshops exploring a variety of technical, educational, social, political, and spiritual issues. Paper categories ranged from recycling and curricula to energy conservation and physical plant operations.