The Greening of the Campus was an interdisciplinary conference focusing on the integration of sustainable practice and teaching into the university environment. It allowed people representing diverse areas in university communities to share information on environmental issues. These areas ranged from the practical day-to-day management of the physical plant to Green curriculum development and the Green utilization of campus resources. These many diverse areas are mutually bound by a common concern for achieving environmental soundness through the safe and sane management of resources. The vision of the conference is for campus communities nationwide to become Green models for society as a whole. Some 200 participants from 25 states and 5 countries joined in this effort. 

As examples, submissions included papers regarding integrated core curricula, multi-dimensional ecological literacy, university-centered student projects, and the role of the university as an interdisciplinary resource for bio-regional stewardship. In addition, presentations were made on environmental campus initiatives, administrative actions, business strategies, operational practices, campus reforestation, ecologically-based planting strategies and the construction, delivery and maintenance of energy efficient, Green facility design. Workshops were also held to engage participants in forming action plans. The proceedings of the conference are available through CERES.