Economics, Business, and Public Policy

The Association for University Business and Economic Research (AUBER) is a national, professional organization dedicated to university research in economics, business, and public policy. The Center for Business and Economic Research (CBER) represents Ball State as a proud and active member of AUBER, and our work has been recognized by our peers for its excellence in content and design.


  • Advance high-quality research and public policy in the fields of business and economics.
  • Promote the collection, analysis, and communication of complex data with an emphasis on regional issues.
  • Facilitate continuous improvement in the research and operations of AUBER units.
  • Demonstrate the importance of AUBER unit relationships with academia, legislatures, and other constituencies.


AUBER was established in January 1947 in Atlantic City, New Jersey, during a meeting of national economic and statistical associations, including the American Economic Association. In October 1947, the first AUBER meeting was held in Washington, DC.

Within a span of about 70 years, AUBER has grown to include research units from universities coast-to-coast and everywhere in between.

AUBER Managing Office

The Center for Business and Economic Research at Ball State University is pleased to serve as AUBER's managing office for 2018-2028. 


AUBER members are university units including business schools, academic departments, and dedicated research offices. AUBER also welcomes organizations that are outside of the sphere of academia but share common interests with AUBER members.

The annual fall conference (usually held in October) serves as the ideal forum for members to present and discuss current research, projects, and trends relating to economics, business, and public policy.

Who should attend the fall conference?

  • faculty, staff, and student researchers
  • data-driven graphic designers and communicators
  • developers and programmers of statistical models and data interfaces
  • vendors of statistical economic products and technologies

Visit AUBER’s website for membership details and a list of board officers.

By the Numbers

Events and products offered by AUBER units
  • 100% conduct economic impact/feasibility studies
  • 95% perform industry studies
  • 94% conduct community presentations
  • 75% offer regional economic forecasting
  • 89% produce at least one free publication
Data from 2015 AUBER membership survey responses

The Center for Business and Economic Research represents Ball State as a proud member of the Association for University Business and Economic Research. Since 1947, AUBER members engage in a diverse array of applied economic research and provide their communities with public presentations, forums, economic forecasts, and workshops in areas of interest to the business community.