The University Core Curriculum (UCC) is a required component of all undergraduate degrees. The spirit of the UCC emerges from the kinds of intellectual attitudes the University strives to develop in students. The central purpose of the UCC is to enable students to live rich, satisfying lives and to undertake the broad responsibilities of citizenship in a free society. A bachelor’s degree at Ball State University requires a minimum of 120 credit hours, and about one-third of the degree consists of courses in the UCC. The remainder of the degree consists of courses in the major(s), minor(s), or electives.

The current University Core Curriculum (UCC) has three tiers. Tier 1 includes the largest number of required courses. Outlines of the current University Core Curriculum and descriptions of UCC courses can be found in the Advising Handbook and the current Undergraduate Catalog.

Your academic advisor will help you to understand the requirements of the UCC and assist in selecting appropriate courses.