The committed. The creative. The curious. Qualities that are cultivated and rewarded in our Ball State faculty. Like any valuable mentor, our professors are both active and accessible to our students.

Among these professors include a contributing author whose early childhood program assessment tool has been translated into seven languages. Talk about cultural reach. We also have a Miller College of Business professor who instructs in not just one but two of our nationally ranked programs—finance and entrepreneurship. Talk about integration. And have a respected national freelance writer of 25 years, now an equally respected teacher and scholar. Talk about bridging knowledge application.

You’ll find a music professor who has presented papers across the globe. And another scholar is an internationally regarded Native American linguist. Talk about cultural prowess right here.

Ball State is also proud of a teacher who is an MD and a PhD, but most importantly a mentor to both doctoral and master’s candidates. We’ve got a noted scholar in the art of gifted and talented education. And if you can imagine blending biomechanics and motion-capture technology with excellence as an international jazz musician—yes, our own School of Music is so fortunate.

And those are just the full professors.

We also reward extraordinary commitment and success in teaching and scholarly work with the added recognition of being named a Ball State University "distinguished professor” or “endowed chair.” On a national scene, these individuals are known and respected.

We create a distinctive environment for learning thanks to the collective talents of our world-class faculty. We want you to meet them and learn from them.

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