Matthew Cooper, Mason Sharon, Grace Guthrie, and Felix Goetschius-Adams

Participated Spring 2022 or Summer 2022

Mentor: Dr. Andy Waldron

Department of Theatre and Dance

Co-authored a published article on the research process and initial findings of the LGBTQ+ Theatre for Youth

Dr. Waldron writes, “The research team helped design a research study examining queer representation in LGBTQ+ Theatre for Youth.  Matthew and Mason collaborated with faculty on systematically locating material for review, and on a spreadsheet to track the findings. The team also started the article by objectively describing the research process and highlighting significant findings.  Grace and Felix continued the project in the summer.  They documented their analysis process, expanded the search into the online New Play Exchange, created a new analysis tool, and contributed their perspectives to the article. Each student also each read, analyzed, and documented 15-25 plays. These Teacher Scholar students highlight how the work begins with one team and builds over time by others’ contributions."  

Jordan Olson

Jordan Olson

Participated in Fall 2020

Mentor: Dr. Gregory Rocheleau
Department of Criminal Justice & Criminology

Co-authored a manuscript based on the work performed during participation in the Teacher-Scholar program.

Dr. Rocheleau writes. "Jordan collaborated with two faculty members in the CJC Department on a research project examining if marital status and relationship quality affect how people cope with experiencing strains from victimization. This culminated an article recently published in Criminology and Criminal Justice, a peer-reviewed journal. She contributed to the article by helping to develop the topic, reviewing prior scholarship, and writing the initial draft of the literature review."


Makenna Poindexter

Participated in Fall 2021

Mentor: Dr. Alexander Kaufman
Honors College

Edited a rare nineteenth-century pantomime which was presented at the NCHC Convention and published in the Robbins Digital Library.

Dr. Alex Kaufman writes, "Makenna transcribed and edited a rare nineteenth-century pantomime: Robin Hood; or, The Forester's Fate!, which was authored by F. C. Burnand. She also wrote all of the textual and explanatory notes for readers. She composed an author's biography, too.

Makenna disseminated her research and scholarship in two ways. First, she presented her work at the NCHC Convention in Dallas in November 2022 in a referred poster presentation session.

Second, her publication of the edited pantomime and the author's biography was published in The Robin Hood Project and also The Camelot Project, which are part of The Robbins Digital Library of the University of Rochester."

Griffin Hamilton

Griffin Hamilton

Participated in Summer 2022

Mentor: Dr. Jennifer DeSilva
Department of History

Small Group Category Winner
StoryMaps Contest, Ball State GIS Day 2022

Dr. DeSilva writes, "Griffin used his historical skills to explore the development of a national discussion about morphine and cocaine, which contextualized accounts of addiction, illegal sales, and arrests in Muncie in the Gilded Age and Progressive Eras. By investigating the gendered narratives and racialization of drug use, Griffin's work helps us better understand how Muncie newspapers used Cocaine Alley to reinforce harmful stereotypes. Griffin's work in crafting narratives out of primary sources and situating Muncie within the current historiography, reveals how local history can uncover the deep roots of a continuing problem."

Taylor Bias

Taylor Bias

Participated in Spring 2022

Mentor: Dr. Mary Konkle    
Department of Chemistry

American Chemical Society Scholarship Recipient

Dr. Mary Konkle writes “I am pleased to share the news that Taylor Bias has been selected to become a Scholar in the American Chemical Society’s Scholars Program. Taylor was selected as one of 130 scholarship recipients nationwide this year. To learn more, the link to the program is below. I am sure that her participation in the Teacher-Scholars Program helped to make her application competitive as a freshman. Taylor will be continuing research in our lab this summer with funding from the IN LSAMP Program. Taylor is a 21st Century Scholar and student in the Honors College.” 


Morgan Thatcher

Participated in Spring 2022

Mentor: Dr. Matt Moore
Department of Social Work

Coauthored a manuscript based on work in the Teacher-Scholar program

Dr. Matt Moore writes “Morgan engaged with faculty members from the University of Southern California and Kean University. She also engaged with Mission 89, which is an international non-profit focused on sport trafficking. With the help of these mentors, Morgan had an article accepted in the Sport Social Work Journal.”