Besides yourself, your family or others can pay on your Ball State University account. You can set them up as either an authorized payer or a guest payer.
Authorized Payers

Authorized payers are able to see your current balance, transaction history, and billing statements, and they can make payments on your account.

 Pay a Bill

How to Add Someone

To add authorized payers, review our directions here.  

As a guest payer, you are able to make payments on a students’ account, a field study payment, University Apartments rent, or make a Cardinal Cash deposit.

Guest Payers can pay on an account without seeing any of the information about the account such as the bill or balance. Review our directions here.  

The Guest Payer’s information is not retained for any future access.

You will need to know the student’s last name and their Ball State ID number.

Pay a Bill

Authorized Payer vs. Proxy

Being an authorized payer does not allow the Student Financial Services staff to discuss a student’s financial record with you by phone, in person, or by email, unless you have also been granted access through Ball State’s proxy system, managed by the Registrar. (This is because students are 18 or older and are considered adults.) 

Learn How to Set Up Proxy Access

In order for a parent or spouse to have full access to a student’s account, the student should set them up as an authorized payer and as a proxy. The permissions granted for authorized payers and proxies are done through two different systems:

An authorized payer can access a student’s eBill account to:

  • view the current balance and transaction history
  • view and print billing statements
  • choose whether to use the deferment option
  • save payment information
  • make payments to the account

The student creates a user name for their authorized payer and must know their authorized payer’s email address.

A proxy can email or call various offices on campus and receive specific account information.

Students must grant their proxies with permissions through Self-Service Banner to speak with the offices of Student Financial Services, Financial Aid and Scholarships, or Registrar.

Access is granted by email address, which means the student must know it for the person they want to set up.

Students must inform their proxy of the passphrase that has been created for them. Proxies will be asked for the phrase each time they call our office.

Authorized Payer vs. Proxy Comparison
Abilities and Requirements Authorized Payer Proxy
Compliant with student privacy according to FERPA regulations check
Log into eBill system check
Log into Proxy system check
Login requires User Name and Password check
Login requires email address and PIN check
Requires Passphrase in order to interact with Student Financial Services, Financial Aid, or Registrar’s office check
Have a phone conversation about Student Financial Services charges or account information check
Have an email or correspondence exchange with Student Financial Services regarding student’s account check
Receive emails when billing statement is available to be viewed online check
Mail a check payment check check
Make a credit card or ACH payment check
View current or past billing statements check
Make online deposit to student’s Cardinal Cash account check