Below you will find a collection of helpful forms and instructions for some of our processes:

For Principal Investigators/ Project Directors

  • How do I know how much has been spent and how much is left to spend on a grant?
    • PIs/PDs receive monthly reports on sponsored projects fund codes on the 10th of each month. Here are some guides to reading and understanding them. You can also reach out to your SPA Grant Manager (GM).
  • Can I move expenses onto or off a grant?
    • Yes, and there are specific procedures to follow. All reallocations involving a sponsored projects fund code should consider and document whether expenses are consistent, reasonable, allocable to the sponsored project, and allowable on the sponsored project. SPA uses a Cost Transfer Justification Form to capture this information. A Cost Transfer Justification Form is strongly recommended whenever expenses are moved via JV or Labor Correction. If the form is not used, then the backup for the transaction should include comments explaining addressing the questions on the Cost Transfer Justification Form
    • A Cost Transfer Justification Form is required for transactions that debit federal funds.
  • What if I want to know more about moving expenses onto or off grants?
  • Do I need to start spending on a contingency basis?
    • Maybe. Contingency spending is strongly recommended if work will be performed and expenses will be incurred on a funded sponsored project while awaiting a fully executed agreement.
  • How do I get approval for contingency spending?
    • If you submitted your proposal according to the External Proposal Submission Policy, you already have approval for contingency spending. The proposal approval process in Cayuse documents that the Chair and Dean support the project, including the possibility of contingency spending. No additional approvals are required.

  • How do I start contingency spending?
    • To open a sponsored project fund code (aka FOAP) and begin incurring expenses on a contingency basis, just ask your SPA Grant Manager (GM).

  • Are there special procedures for contingency spending that are different than spending on an open grant award?
    • No. All expenses incurred on a contingency basis follow the same procedures for approval as any other sponsored project expense.

For Administrative Coordinators:

  • Can purchases be made on Pcards using grant funds?
    • Yes. SPA has a Process for Adding Grant Fund Codes and Reconciling Purchases Directly to Grant Funds in JP Morgan SmartData (Word Doc)


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