Independent Contractors

Independent Contractors (aka Consultants) are individuals, organizations, or businesses that provide a service, and who are not employees of the University.  

To engage and pay an Independent Contractor on your sponsored project, work with your Grant Manager.  

Independent Contractor Agreements are required only when the amount being paid for services is more than $1,001.

Amounts $1000 and under are paid via Direct Payment in SciQuest.  

Please note:  

External invited speakers are Independent Contractors.  

University employees, even when they are being paid extra compensation or performing duties outside of their job descriptions, are NOT Independent Contractors. 

Any person that has been paid as a University employee within the current calendar year must be paid through payroll and is NOT able to be considered an Independent Contractor.

Forms for working with Independent Contractors 

All Independent Contractors must use the invoice template when requesting payment. This template is available from your grant manager. 


Instructions for (Some) Independent Contractors: UEIs

Independent Contractors will be asked to provide a Unique Entity ID (UEI) if the funding source of the project involves federal dollars.

Anyone can get one of these for FREE by signing in to and selecting “Get Started,” then choosing “Get Unique Entity ID.” 

This guidance video clearly explains the process of how to get a UEI.