Survey research is an important tool for Ball State University (BSU) to gather data to help inform and evaluate strategic institutional initiatives. However, the overuse of survey research has created issues with survey fatigue and reduced response rates. This policy aims to create an institutional environment for survey research that improves coordination and increases efficacy.

Scope of this policy

This policy applies to all surveys conducted by BSU offices or staff or any surveys commissioned of BSU students, alumni, faculty, or staff by outside agencies. Any survey that meets one of the following conditions should undergo the BSU Survey Review process:

  • Surveys that are administered to BSU students, faculty, or staff populations including random sampling.
  • Surveys that will generalize to the broader BSU population of students, faculty, or staff.
  • Surveys that target specific subpopulations such as enrollment status, gender, ethnicity, etc.
  • Any surveys used for institutional measures and improvement.
  • Any non-anonymous surveys which use individualized links and are distributed via email to 200 or more email addresses.

Additionally, this policy extends to any survey that does not meet an exemption outlined below. However, it is suggested that these exempted are conducted in consideration with the BSU survey calendar to avoid competing with strategic research surveys.

Academic evaluative surveys conducted by faculty, staff, or students.

  • Surveys conducted by students in courses solely to fulfill the requirements of a course or degree program.
  • Participants' event evaluations or event planning.
  • Polls that involve voting.
  • Feedback collected at point-of-service.
  • Course evaluations.

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