The Office of Institutional Research and Decision Support provides official University information on topics such as:

  • enrollment
  • graduation and retention rates
  • time-to-degree
  • academic programs
  • degrees conferred
  • faculty and staff characteristics
  • instructional cost and productivity
  • finance
  • facilities

This information is made available to the campus community and to external bodies such as federal and state government, the media, college guidebook agencies, and other institutions.

The office also assists the University's strategic planning process by coordinating the collection of information for annual updates on key metrics.

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Data Requests

We welcome you to submit a data request for institutional or unit data. We discourage submitting data requests for institutional information that is contained in the current Factbook, Tableau Server, and the Department Data Summary Reports.

Please note that requests submitted during peak reporting periods may take up to three weeks for fulfillment. For questions about making a data request, please contact us.

*Tableau Server is only accessible for licensed BSU employees

* Department Data Summary Reports are only accessible by Ball State Login for data protection


 Tableau Server Access

Common Data Set

Common Data Set

Each year, Ball State University provides a set of data in a format consistent with other universities across the country.
See our data.

Student Disclosure

Student Disclosure

The University is required to disclose certain information to the public in order to assist applicants, students, and their families make informed decisions.
Read the disclosures.

University Factbook

University Factbook

The Ball State University Factbook provides comprehensive, university-wide data each academic year.
View the Factbook.