Stacey Grosh
Stacey Grosh
Senior University Account Manager


Room:WQ 402


Stacey Grosh wants to live in a world where books are free, mosquitoes don’t exist while she camps, and she has two pet penguins.

As a senior university account manager, she keeps things a tad less whimsical.

Stacey writes and implements strategic communications for colleges and departments across campus, including the Office of the President, Ball State University Foundation, College of Health, and Miller College of Business. She creates print and web narratives that highlight dynamic student/faculty experiences. She also was a production manager for nine award-winning University commercials and chronicles.

Before joining the division in 2008, Stacey was an award-winning journalist.

At home, when she’s not creating decorations for crazy themed parties, you can find her on adventures with her husband, Gannon. They are the parents of two grown daughters and one college student who identifies as non-gender. Stacey’s also a writer who’s published a ghost story for preteens, "The Truth about Caroline." Her three cats are named after Harry Potter characters and her dog after the notorious John Dillinger. 


Bachelor's in magazine journalism, creative writing and English minors
Ball State University

Stacey Grosh

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—“Alice in Wonderland”