What is the Communications Center?

The Communications Center is a self-service platform for the campus community to publicize University-related news and events to a broad audience. Articles from Ball State colleges, departments, and other units are included in an emailed daily digest and other forms of communication.


How does it work?

Each business day, the Communications Center sends a daily digest to faculty, staff, and students with the articles created by authorized publishers by 3 p.m. the previous day. Recipients are empowered to choose the frequency of when they receive emails and notifications in various categories, ranging from immediately to not at all.

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How do I use it?

Recipients choose the categories and the frequency of emails and notifications by managing their subscriptions. Articles are published by authorized publishers, with the approval of their department heads and unit leaders. If you need to publish University-related news and information, contact your department head or unit leader. To request publishing access, fill out the form.

Manage Your Subscriptions

Communications Center

The Communications Center allows recipients to choose categories from which they receive articles immediately, as part of a daily or weekly digest, or not at all.

Emergency Text Messages

Ball State University's emergency text notification system allows faculty, staff, and students to subscribe to emergency text alerts sent from the University.

Publisher Resources

Review guidelines, get training on using the Communications Center, or access other resources.


If you need assistance with the Communications Center, email us. If you need information about emergency text messages, visit the HelpDesk.