Our People. Our Culture. Our Mission – Together, We Fly

The alignment of our talent management strategy, a workforce of staff and faculty being developed and nurtured who are led by empowered supervisors fosters a vibrant culture of institutional effectiveness and inclusive excellence. We encourage the partnership between university leadership and staff and faculty. Collectively, our staff and faculty are connected to our greater purpose of student success and fulfillment while enhancing our community, state and world vitality. Individually, staff and faculty positively impact our greater mission leading to personal, meaningful engagement and fulfillment.

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Our Enduring Values

Excellence. We commit to excel in all that we do.

Innovation. We commit to be creative, responsive, and progressive.

Courage. We commit to set ambitious goals and to take the risks necessary to achieve those goals.

Integrity. We commit to be honest, ethical, authentic, and accessible.

Inclusiveness. We commit to respect and embrace equity, inclusion, and diversity in people, ideas, and opinions.

Social responsibility. We commit to act for the benefit of society at large.

Gratitude. We commit to express appreciation to others and to demonstrate our gratitude through our actions.