Ball State Innovation Corporation

Ball State Innovation Corporation (BSIC) is a not-for-profit organization that assists in the commercialization of innovations and creative works developed by Ball State University students, faculty, and staff through University provided technology and resources.

BSIC acts as a conduit between University produced innovation and its potential global impact. From the preliminary research of ideas to the eventual launch of a marketable product or service, BSIC assists Ball State University students, faculty, and staff by providing a culmination of resources and guidance throughout the complete commercialization process.


  • Analyze commercialization feasibility of intellectual property
  • Foster innovator participation in the commercialization process
  • Assist innovators in the creation of a business plan/model
  • Identify needed resources and partners to assist innovators in the
    commercialization process
  • License “tangible research property” for commercial use
  • License patents and copyrights for commercial use
  • Distribute profits/royalties per the IP Agreement


Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA)

Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA) assists Ball State University personnel in the quest for external funding to carry out research on their creative and scholarly activities. SPA staff will refer researchers to the Office of Research Integrity for IRB and other protocol committee considerations and to the Ball State Innovation Corporation when there is potential for commercialization of intellectual property.


  • Identify potential funding opportunities
  • Guide in proposal and budget development
  • Assist with the submission of applications to funding agencies.
  • Offer workshops in proposal preparation
  • Advise in regards to research incentive programs and the ASPiRE internal grant program

Primary Contact:
Stephanie Roof, Associate Director of Technology Transfer
SPA Office:
2100 West Riverside Avenue
Muncie, Indiana 47304