Request a Collaboration with the Multicultural Center

At the Multicultural Center, we are always looking for new ways to engage with the Ball State community. One of the ways we do this is through collaborations.

What is a collaboration?

A collaboration is an intentional pairing of one or more offices/organizations to organize an event or program.

At the Multicultural Center, we only engage in collaborations as they assist in developing relationships between offices and organizations through consistent and intentional interaction.

How is a collaboration different from a co-sponsorship?

Co-sponsorships are a hands-off approach to supporting an event/program. In a co-sponsorship, the sponsorship party provides money to cover the costs of part of an event/program. While a collaboration may also involve assisting in the financial pieces of an event, all parties involved assist in the organizing and execution of an event/program.

What events do you collaborate on?

We are open to collaborating on any cultural or educational event. In the past we have collaborated with the Women and Gender Studies department for Women’s History Month programming, student organizations, like Spectrum, for our Perspectives discussions, and have an on-going collaboration with the Counseling Center for Voices, our racial and ethnic support group.

If you are unsure whether your event or program would fall under this category, please reach out to us.

How can I collaborate with the Multicultural Center?

We invite you to complete our collaboration form below to request a collaboration with our office. Requests for collaboration must be submitted 4-6 weeks prior to the time-frame you’d like to see the event occur. This provides ample time for us to work together to create an engaging event/program.

Request a Collaboration

I want to suggest an event or program for the Multicultural Center to put on. How can I do that?

We are always open for suggestions from students about what events/programs they would like to see from the Multicultural Center. If you have a suggestion, please email with the following information:

  1. Details of the event – is this a speaker? A Program? What do you want this to look like? When would you like this to happen? Giving as much detail as possible will help us put your vision into action.
  2. Estimated cost – If you’re able, take a look at estimated costs for the program. These don’t need to be exact, but a ballpark idea will help us understand what will be needed for the event/program.
  3. How you’d like to be involved – Would you want to help us plan this event? Getting involved in the event/program planning helps us give you what you’re looking for and provides valuable experience in event planning and collaboration.