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Multicultural Student Organizations

Ball State has over 400 student organizations and several of them are identity and culturally based organizations. Below is a list of a few organizations the Multicultural Center collaborates with on programs and events. We highly recommend you browse BennyLink to find more student organizations.

  • Outlet Hip Hop Dance Troupe
  • Men and Women of Color (MWOC)
  • Voices of Triumph (VOT)
  • Today's Black Women (TBW)

If you cannot find the community you're looking for, please reach out to the Office of Student Life to learn more about the process of creating a student organization.

Find more organizations on BennyLink

Asian American Student Association (AASA)
The Asian American Student Association (AASA), formerly known as the Asian Student Association, was approved to become a student organization March 26, 1991.

Latinx Student Union (LSU)
Before the Latinx Student Union (LSU) became a recognized student organization, a group of students organized the Hispanic Student Association, an interest group dedicated to forming the Notre American Hispano Association (North American Hispanic Association). On May 1, 1987, the North American Hispanic Association became a recognized student organization and changed its name to La Allianza De Estudiantes Lationos (The Alliance of Latino Students, LADEL). In 1999, La Alianza De Estudiantes had undergone yet another name change to what we now call the Latino Student Union. 

The Black Student Association (BSA) 
Formerly known as the Black Student Union, BSA became a recognized student organization on May 22, 1969.  

If you are looking for an organization that strives to help Black people preserve, advance, and represent the social and intellectual aspects of Black Culture, the Black Student Association is for you! In addition, BSA aims to develop stronger connections, and collaboration among Black students and all organizations on campus.

The mission of BSA is to aid in the growth and development of Ball State collegiate students through a series of culturally, socially, and academically focused discussions and programs from a unique African-American perspective. Our mission is fulfilled through community service, campus involvement, and professional development, allowing our members to overcome all challenges faced and to succeed in all facets of life. BSA aims to develop and promote unity within the minority community and intensify the Black voice here at this university.



Since 1974, Spectrum has served as Ball State University's organization for gender, sexual and romantic minorities (LGBTQ+) and their allies. Spectrum is advised through the Office of Student Life, the clearing house for all recognized student organizations.

Meetings are held bi-weekly on Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. All meetings will be held via WebEx. For access to our meeting link, please e-mail us at