The Health Center evaluates and manages most medical problems daily. These include but are not limited to: upper respiratory infections, strep throat, mononucleosis, pneumonia, sinus infections, abdominal pain, heartburn, rashes, chest pain, depression, anxiety, headaches, back pain, acne, ankle/shoulder/knee/wrist injuries.

Our in-office testing includes: rapid Covid-19/influenza testing, rapid strep testing, rapid mono testing, urinalysis, urine pregnancy testing, glucometer, fecal occult testing and wet mounts.  

Nursing visits are available for allergy shots, TB test placement/read, blood draws, administer injectable medications, dressing changes and ear wax removal, to name a few.

Services available at time of visit: incision and drainage of abscesses, sutures/dermabond, cryotherapy, splinter removal, nebulizer treatments.

There may be out-of-pocket costs during a visit at the Health Center that is not covered by the Health Fee.   Please click the link for fees for additional information.

For chronic health conditions, we may be able to provide medication refills; However, you may be asked for records from your primary care provider.  If we are not able to manage your chronic health condition, we will refer you to the appropriate medical specialist.

Specifically regarding ADD/ADHD, if you are currently taking a prescribed stimulant medication, we require that you provide medical records from your prescribing physician or nurse practitioner before we will assume care or provide refills.  Your medical records must include any testing that was performed to obtain your diagnosis, office progress notes that discuss diagnosis and documentation of medications prescribed now and in the past.  If you are not able to obtain these records, then you will be required to perform new testing.  You will also be required to sign a controlled substance agreement in order to obtain your prescriptions from us.