Important Information about Allergy Shots

Students who would like to receive their allergy injections at the Health Center need to call 765-285-8431 for an allergy protocol appointment with our nursing staff.  During this initial visit, serum and records will be reviewed.  Following this visit and director's approval, an appointment for an injection can be made.  If you have any questions prior to your first appointment, please call the number listed above and ask to speak to the nursing staff.

Please see our policy regarding allergy shots below. 

  1. The student/patient is responsible for providing and re-ordering the allergy serum. The nurses will assist as needed.
  2. Allergy serum must be accompanied by explicit directions for administration, late instructions, date of last injection, and a list of allergens in each bottle.
  3. Each vial is to be labeled with the patient's name and an expiration date.
  4. The above criteria must be met prior to administration of allergy serum at the BSU Health Center.
  5. If you are so late for your shot that your allergist's written instructions do not apply to the situation, it is your responsibility to call your allergist's office and ask them to fax us instructions.
  6. Injections are given Monday, Thursday, Friday from 8:10 to 11:10 AM and Tuesday, Wednesday from 9:10 to 11:10 AM by appointment only.  Appointments are scheduled one week in advance.
  7. Injections are administered by a registered nurse. Disposable syringes and needles are provided.
  8. After the injection, the student must wait 30 minutes.  If your allergist's instructions call for a longer wait then you must follow those instructions. The injection site must be checked by medical staff before the student leaves the Health Center.
  9. Students are responsible for taking their solution and instructions with them if they will need an injection while away from Ball State.
  10. The Health Center provides storage for allergy serum. Reasonable care is taken to ensure their safety. Refrigeration temperatures are monitored daily when the Health Center is open and if the temperature is out of range, it is addressed promptly, and vaccines are moved to a different storage location.  Under certain circumstances, these precautions may be insufficient and damage to serum may occur. 
  11. Please be advised that the Health Center will not assume financial responsibility for damage caused by such unforeseeable occurrences. In the event of probable damage to your serum, you will be notified to obtain fresh serum from your allergist.
  12. Current healthcare organization guidelines prohibit the storage of expired medications. Therefore, expired allergy extracts will be destroyed.
  13. Injections for venom, bees, wasps and yellow jackets, etc., are not given in this facility.  The staff can refer you to an allergist in the area if you need these injections.
  14. Initial therapy or first injection of new material will not be administered at the Health Center.
  15. We do not administer test doses from new vials.  If an allergist's instructions require a test dose, the student will need to have this administered at the allergist's office