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The fundraising goal for the NPHC Plaza is $165,000. This goal supports Goal 5 of the Strategic Plan, "Institutional and Inclusive Excellence".

  NPHC Plaza

National Pan-Hellenic Council Plaza


In an effort to bring cultural awareness and diversity to the Ball State University campus, the National Pan-Hellenic Council would like to build the NPHC Plaza. This space would heighten the awareness of this diverse and unique council on campus, and appeal aesthetically and culturally to prospective students and their families.

Construction of the NPHC Plaza is an attempt to enhance the physical environment of our campus and simultaneously support the educational mission, as well as the campus' master plan. We hope to raise awareness of Ball State University's diverse traditions, and preserve that diversity for generations to come. While each student's university experience is different, students wish to see their experiences reflected tangibly in order to have a true attachment to the institution they have come to love.

Over the years, the National Pan-Hellenic Council organizations have developed plazas/plots on college campuses and treated them almost as sacred grounds. These structures symbolically represent the organization, and appear in various forms.

The National Pan-Hellenic Council Plaza is also an effort to enhance the visible diversity that our campus community can enjoy, and attract diverse populations that value diverse traditions in their perspective collegiate choice. It is the NPHC council's mission to not only promote their diverse backgrounds but for our university to reflect those same perspectives that can create a positive and rewarding environment for all students.


The proposed location of the plaza will be positioned on the southeast side of the new Multicultural Center, located east of Bracken Library between the Whitinger Business Building and Noyer Complex.

How to Support

If you would like to support the NPHC Plaza Fund, please visit the link below, select "OTHER" under Fund, and enter "Fund #8630 - NPHC Plaza" .



The Fraternity and Sorority Life Fund supports leadership and educational initiatives on and off campus for members of the fraternity and sorority community. The fund provides opportunities for large scale programming to come to Ball State and supports students in travel to conferences such as the Association of Fraternal Leadership and Values Central Conference and the Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute.

By supporting this fund, programs focus on emerging leaders, advance leaders, service project enhancement, and educational opportunities created for members within the fraternity and sorority life community.

How to Support

Donations that support programming for the FSL community include partnerships with Phired Up. Phired up is a trade association with Fraternity and Sorority Life that focuses on recruitment and retention.

Student testimonial regarding Phired Up partnership:

"We have a chapter size of 28 active members and we were able to pull in a class of 24 new members this semester! We worked hard to apply the material we learned from the Phired Up Workshop for IFC and we have an amazing group of guys that are motivated and for <believe in> our values. The Chapter Builder site was a huge resource for us and helped us out a lot as an organization. We were one of the groups that had an Excel spreadsheet and Chapter Builder made things flow much smoother and make the whole recruitment process much more efficient and simpler." Sam Schlosser, Phi Delta Theta Fraternity (Indiana Kappa)

If you would like to support the FSL Programming Fund, please visit the link below, select "OTHER" under Fund, and enter "Fund #8632 - FSL Fund".