The Panhellenic Association (PHA) is a unique group of students who are leaders in their community that strive for excellence. The Panhellenic community is comprised of 10 chapters that seek to enrich the lives of their members every day.

The PHA is a self-governing body consisting of nine council members and a voting delegate, who represent the members of each of the women’s fraternities and sororities at Ball State.

Our members give back to their communities and the Muncie community, and also participate in philanthropy events and awareness projects through their inter/national organizations.

Panhellenic women not only aim for excellence in their communities but also in the classroom. They place a high value on academic achievement, which can be seen in the PHA average GPA, which is consistently higher than the university-wide GPA. The council continually works to provide educational resources and programs to assist students in their coursework.

We not only place high value on academics and service, but we also create lasting friendships and connections that will stay with us beyond graduation day. The Panhellenic Community seeks to remove barriers between organizations and come together as sorority women.